Travel Insurance

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JKCP has partnered with AVI, a broker specializing in travel insurance for over 30 years, to provide insurances to tourists, children and students traveling everywhere in the world.

JKCP strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance for unexpected events while traveling to the USA, participating in JKCP summer camps and programs. Travel Insurance is only available for students living outside of the USA. 

Medical expenses can be very high in USA. For example, $25,000 for an appendicitis surgery and medical transportation is not systematically included. Many credit cards include insurance, however, they have many limitations, exclusions and high deductibles.

JKCP recommends purchasing travel insurance for only $2.86/day which includes:

  • UNLIMITED medical expenses, medicines prescriptions and hospitalization costs
  • SERVICES: Alarm center 24/7 – US & Europe offices for claims (in case of reimbursement)
  • Guarantee of Payment: Alarm center will arrange direct payment of hospitalization costs and physician's visit expenses as long as alarm center is called prior
  • UNLIMITED medical evacuation
  • FAMILY compassionate reunion in case of child-student hospitalization
  • Emergency return ticket to home country: In case of death, serious illness or accident of family member a return plane ticket will be arranged and paid for you
  • Coverage of theft, loss, or destruction of luggage up to $3,000
  • Personal Liability for body injury and damage to property up to $100,000
  • Personal accident up to $75,000 in case of disability and $15,000 in case death

*Please refer to Terms and Conditions

You can purchase the insurance up until the day before departure. You may pay by credit card and give your child their insurance card to keep in their luggage.

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