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Summer Experiences Can Influence Your College Decisions, Applications & Future Careers


    Curious on how to leverage your summer and high school experiences when it comes to university admissions? This page has several resources from Crimson Education, extracurricular and university admissions experts, to guide you through the process


    Must-Read College Application Articles


    Extracurricular Activities: How To Outshine The Competition

    You should think about what really excites you and build that into an activity that makes a positive difference to the community.



    Extracurricular Leadership: Your Key to the Ivy Leagues

    Without extracurricular and leadership involvement on your college application, you’ll struggle to gain admission to any US college - let alone the Ivy Leagues.



    5 Things You Need On Your College Application

    This may sound devastatingly obvious, but knowing what to share on your college application is vital to gaining admission into your dream school.




    Unique Extracurricular Activities List for College Applications

    Gone are the days where colleges expect to see you in generic school-sponsored activities like being a member of the National Honour Society or the school band. 



    Pre-College Summer Programs Prepare Students for College

    They allow students to experience college life by taking classes and participating in social activities on a college campus during the summer.



    3 Reasons Why Going to a Top University Matters

    For the most part, the finest students, thinkers and doers attend the top universities, which factors into both university life and beyond.



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    A Day In The Life: Yale Student

    A Day in the Life: University of Pennsylvania

    A Day In the Life: Wharton Student at Penn

    A Day in the Life: Villanova Student – Coming soon!


    Supercharge Your Summer Webinar

    Summers are a great way to explore your passions and interests. There are MANY options of what you can do over a summer when in high school that you can consider! As you decide what to do over a summer, keep in mind that you’ll be describing these activities when you apply to university. Getting involved with summer camps, programs, and internships is an easy way to showcase your motivation to succeed not only in college, but in your career as well!

    In this webinar you will:

    • Learn how to find summer activities that will fit into your greater college and career goals
    • Understand what colleges are looking for from your summer activities and how this comes across on applications
    • Best ways to pursue your passions over the summer

    View the Webinar

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    JKCP’s Pre-College Programs

    Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs redefines summer with programs in pre-college academics, internships, business, cooking, fashion, art, science, leadership and more! Join students from across the country and over 50 countries around the globe. We have both day and residential programs available, for ages 7-18, this summer at the prestigious Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University and Haverford College. From the moment you arrive, we make every detail of your summer not only fun, but also a unique experience customized just for you! Cutting edge classes and programs, high-caliber academic curricula, professional instruction as well as on and off campus activities – the Krinsky Experience has mastered it all. 


    Learn More About Summer Programs at:


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