Basic Golf Swing Fundamentals

Posted by Caleb M. on May 23, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Julian_Krinsky_School_of_golfThe one frame work that all golfers want to improve in their game is the swing. It does not matter if they are new to the game of golf or have been playing for ten plus years. Golfers always want to improve their swing. Why? It is so mechanical that sometimes we fall into a trap using a swing that is not helping us play better. The assumption of having a better swing is by using more power, force and strength. That sounds great and all but most of the time it is not the case. There are other facets of your swing that can help with your distance and strength of your shot. These three basic swing fundamentals are often used by beginner to tour professional golfers. 

1. Weight Transfer--show the studs on your golf shoe. This is extremely important; you should not swing a golf club until you transfer weight correctly. The principle of your weight transfer is simple; imagine throwing a ball with keeping both feet stuck to the ground, it won't go very far. Now, imagine throwing the same ball using your weight transfer, it will go so much further.

2. Spine Angle--notice how the golfer keeps a good curve in his back through the swing, not straightening up. The term we use for this is tunnel. Imagine looking down a tunnel after you strike the golf ball, you will naturally maintain this curve in your back. Spine angle keeps your height through the swing consistent and stops you pulling up and away from the golf shot. The common advice for this is keeping your head down.

3. High Hands--You will see how this golfer finishes in not only a balanced finish but that his hands finish nice and high, above his shoulders. You never want to swing the golf club around your body or stop the golf club on the follow through. By finishing your hands high, you will promote acceleration through the golf shot and become more target accurate. Your arms will be swinging on the path towards the target and not around the body which could cause either a hook or a slice.


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