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How To Get Recruited for College Esports 


    Curious on how to get involved in esports and possibly get a college scholarship? This page has several resources from Julian Krinsky Esports Summer Camp and Next College Student Athlete, college athletic recruiting experts, to guide you through the process. 


    Must-Read Esports Recruiting & Scholarship Articles


    College Esports: Complete Guide to Scholarships & Recruiting

    96 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports. Here is your guide to get involved!  



    JKCP's Ultimate Guide to Esports

    Everything you need to know about Esports. For parents, beginning gamers, and aspiring professional Esport players; get info, tips and guides for mastering Esports. 



    Complete List of College Esports Teams

    To land a spot on a college esports roster, you’ll first need to find out which colleges offer esports at the varsity or club level.  



    The Future of Esports & Growth in Competitive Gaming

    The video gaming and esports industry is developing so rapidly. This post discusses the future of gaming in terms of emerging technology and trends.



    Pre-College Summer Programs Prepare Students for College

    They allow students to experience college life by taking classes and participating in social activities on a college campus during the summer.



    5 Things Parents Should Know About Esports as a Career Path

    Esports as an industry is relatively new. Here are a few things that can help parents understand the industry a little more and help guide their children.



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    Julian Krinsky Esports Summer Camp Video

    Esports at JKCP Hi Res



    Get Recruited for College Esports

    You can begin your college esports recruiting process by reaching out to coaches at any time. NCSA is the official Recruiting Services Partner of NACE and all NACE programs are using the NCSA Recruiting Network to search for esports athletes. You can build a free online profile to increase exposure across our vast network of college coaches.

    Start Getting Recruited

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    JKCP’s Esports Summer Camp

    This camp offers a unique opportunity to take your game to the next level and learn about the esports industry. With nearly $9 million dollars worth of scholarships being awarded from almost 100 universities in the US alone, there is no denying that esports is a booming industry. Improve your gaming skills and get a job start on a future career in esports this summer. 

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