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Discover Your Natural Abilities & Talents


    Understand Your Natural Abilities and Talents, and Make Far Better Decisions About College, Areas of Study and Future Career Possibilities

    Every one of us is born with unique abilities and talents. The sooner you understand what those inborn abilities truly are—what you are “uncommonly good at”—the sooner you can put them to use when making education, career and life decisions. This page from The Discover Your Talent ProgramTM and The Talent TeamTM will help you understand natural abilities and talents and how they impact your life.


    More Information About Discovering Your Natural Talents and Abilities



    Why It Is Important to Understand Your Natural Talents and Abilities

    Natural abilities strongly influence how you perform in school as well as the success and satisfaction you experience throughout your life and career.  




    How Do You Discover Your Inborn Talents and Abilities? 

    There is a long-proven assessment that is uniquely capable of uncovering a person’s inherent, natural abilities and talents based on performance rather than perception.


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    Career Exploration Activities for High School Students

    Career exploration in high school can be an incredibly helpful tool that students can use to find a career that is fulfilling, meaningful and something you enjoy doing every day.



    "I took the Highlands Ability Battery assessment and was blown away by how helpful and insightful the results were. I know that any student who goes through this program will better understand their unique abilities and it will help guide them in their future decisions."

    - Steve Robertson, JKCP CEO


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    Understanding Your Natural Abilities

    Natural abilities are important when making education, career and life planning decisions because they strongly influence how you will perform in school and in the workplace as well as the satisfaction you experience in your career.

    The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) includes 19 work samples and measures natural abilities on 17 continuums. As an example, the three continuums below are topline illustrations of what together encompass Personal Style for one person or how she does the things she does. When you understand your Personal Style, you will have a clearer picture of your ideal learning and career environments.




    Each Student Will Receive:

    • The 3-1/2 Hour Highlands Ability BatteryTM Assessment
    • Two 25-Page Custom Reports
    • 90-Minute to 2-Hour Feedback Session and Audio Recording with a Talent Team Member, a Highlands Certified Consultant 
    • A Tool to Explore Suggested Career Options
    • Weekly Recorded Interviews with The Talent TeamTM
    • Live Online Q&A Sessions with The Talent Team
    • New Content Every Week in a Private Membership Group
    • Special Program Pricing for JKCP families 

    $995 for all Families and Friends of JKCP with code: JKCP 
    (A $2,250 value!)

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