Why You Should Consider a Robotics Class This Summer

Posted by Brenda Ronan on Jun 12, 2019 3:11:00 PM

Engineers and computer scientists solve problems we didn’t even know existed to make our world a more comfortable place to live – oftentimes to an extent we don’t see. This, however, does not happen overnight or without hard work. One of the most rapidly expanding ways they are making an impact is in robotics. This is an exciting field that is continuing to expand.

If you are interested in robotics, attending a summer class may be something you would enjoy. Not only will you get the opportunity to work on your robot engineering and programming, but you will also have the opportunity to meet with other students with a similar passion. 


There are a lot of great reasons to attend a robotics summer camp:

Robotics is fun!

Robotics is incredibly hands-on – you are literally building robots. While this can be challenging, it can also provide a fantastic sense of accomplishment. The best part about robotics is that you will be learning while you play!

Learn Computer Programming Basics

One of the things you will learn is basic programming – this is how you can ‘train’ your robot to complete tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

The overlap between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence isn’t huge, but the potential is – this is some of the most exciting, cutting-edge technology being explored out there today. Think driverless cars!

College Prep

Develop a passion and skill – it is true that universities like to see extra-curricular activities but, more importantly, they want to see that students have a true passion and skill in the discipline they are following. Robotics camp can be a great way to keep your interest in robotics growing, while also developing necessary skills.

Career Exploration

Robotics is a vast subject that will help you learn about computer programming, engineering, and computer science, among other areas.

Problem Solving

You can gain exposure to real-world problem solving and design problems that engineers face (just on a smaller scale).

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

STEM jobs, such as mechanical engineering and computer science are in demand in our economy. Many people believe that we have a shortage of qualified workers in the STEM industries – robotics can teach you the fundamentals of a few different regions of STEM. 

JKCP’s Robotics Class as Part of Enrichment:

JKCP’s Enrichment program is a summer pre-college enrichment program for high school students that is designed to let you explore new subjects and master existing hobbies. Students get a taste of college life on the Villanova University campus and the chance to meet new friends from all over the world. They choose one morning and one afternoon class for each week to customize the best summer experience.

JKCP offers a robotics class in the morning session. In this class, instructors will get you started by establishing the basic principles of mechanical engineering, showing you the physics behind the world around you and helping you both imagine and build task-based robots that will solve specific problems we create.

In order to do this, you will be using a variety of different materials, including Lego Mindstorm Robotics based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's programmable brick designs, to construct your devices. Once complete, you will also use a unique programming language to manipulate the gears, motors and sensors on your creation, “training” it to complete the assigned tasks. Along the way, of course, you will need to use math and physics to optimize your design and ensure your robot’s success. It’s kind of like Math and Science class combined, only way more fun. So, get out of the classroom and join us in the robotics lab this summer.

Robotics is a rapidly expanding field that has a long list of primary and supporting roles within the industry. Here are just a few of the most popular careers in robotics.

Careers that Robotics Can Prep You For:

  • Engineers – If you love designing as well as building, this might be the career for you! There isn’t one set path to get to be a robotics engineer – some students approach it through mechanical or electrical engineering, while some will get a degree in computer science.
  • Sales – This job does require strong social skills, but good customer service will not be enough in robotics. In order to work with customer accounts, you will need to have a very firm grasp on the engineering and programming of the robots you are selling in order to help choose, customize, order, and train clients on the product.
  • Technician – If the building and fixing of robots is your favorite part, this might be where you want to be. In addition to helping build the robots, technicians are also responsible for fixing and maintaining robots.
  • Computer Programmer – If you prefer the coding and programming side of building a robot – giving the robot their intelligence - this may be a good fit for you. It will take a very solid coding background and fluency in languages such as Python and C++.

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