Why is Business Important to Middle School Students?

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on May 29, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Why is Business Important to Middle School Students?How many times have you heard that story about your parent’s selling lemonade in their neighborhood for a penny each when they were growing up? For some of the most successful CEOs around, business was something that has been in their minds from an early age. Take Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea, for example. He would go onto the local golf course and find golf balls that had been left in the woods or the water hazards and he would sell them to golfers who were looking to find a good deal on balls. An original idea that had little overhead cost and addressed a need, this business opened his eyes to the discipline and drive it takes to be successful. How about Tony Hsieh, CEO of When he was a kid, he turned photographs into buttons that could be used as clothing decorations. He made $100.00 each month from this business. This business was responsible for giving him the confidence needed to create a company that sells over $1 Billion of clothing each year.

Warren Buffet identified the biggest mistake that parents make when teaching their kids about money as the lack of starting at an early age. The values that his father taught him starting at age 6 were the backbone of his success as an entrepreneur and business man. Needless to say, he turned that backbone into a multi-billion dollar success story. 

Many people ask me, why does JKCP offer summer business classes for middle school students. A commonly asked question is, “isn’t that a bit early to start talking about business?” If these three success stories aren’t example enough, head to google and see how many CEOs and owners started with a childhood filled with good business advice and early exposure. It is for this reason that JKCP finds it so valuable to explain why business is so important to middle school students. We want to teach our students what it takes to turn a great idea into a lifetime of success and opportunity.

There is no minimum age in order to be a CEO. No longer can kids afford to wait to learn the basics of business. What will your idea be? 

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