What to Expect in Your First Week of Sleepover Camp at JKCP

Posted by Brenda Kristich on Jan 9, 2014 12:51:00 PM

What to expect at sleepover campFor many students, summer camp is the first time they will be away from home. This can be a very exciting experience and know what to expect can help with any first-time jitters. Here are a few things campers at JKCP can expect to experience!

  1. A roommate. Even the best of roommate pairs require respect, compromise, patience and communication to reach a compatible living relationship.  Everyone’s “normal” is different and living style and personal habits can vary greatly (sleep, noise, borrowing, cultural differences, social space). Openly and honestly communicate any requests with your roommate or counselor immediately. Remember, there are two sides to every story; don’t always assume the roommate is the “bad guy”. Keep in mind that these are valuable learning experiences in preparation for college.
  2. Food. Food. And more food. The food at camp can be really different (and sometimes way better) than at home.  Most likely, you’ll get to choose what you eat.  Even though your parents won’t be there to remind you to eat your veggies it’s a good idea to do so.  Those veggies will keep you feeling great while away from home.    
  3. Something unexpected. Things may be different than you expected but that’s OK - go with the flow. Due to weather, surprise trips and student interests, a camp’s curriculum and schedules are often flexible and dynamic. Even if different, find the good in any situation. Check out a typical day schedule here for JKCP Xploration summer camp.
  4. A challenge. It’s natural that you may encounter a challenge or two while away from home.  Use the staff on site to help you fix any problems that arise. Their number one job is to help you! Avoid calling your parents before speaking with the staff. It’s a learning experience to work out the solution without the help of your parents.
  5. A call from your parents…or not. Before leaving home, discuss how much you think you will communicate with your parents.  Whether that means over text, phone or Twitter. Naturally, they just want to make sure you are enjoying your time and they probably will miss you a lot. So, just let them know everything is OK.  
  6. People who are different than you. Camps are generally more culturally diverse than schools.  Some camps draw students from over 40 countries!  That means people may be of different ethnic groups, races, religions and beliefs from you and those in your hometown or school.  It’s a wonderful way to learn about people from around the world. Plus, you may have a fun new place and friends to visit on vacation!   
  7. A lot of fun! If camp is one thing, it’s a lot of fun!  You are trying new things and meeting new friends while doing really fun activities.  Enjoy it.  

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