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How to Encourage Your Young Entrepreneur

Posted by Brenda Ronan on Dec 3, 2018 9:19:00 AM

There are a lot of articles about what values parents should instill in their children in order to help them achieve an entrepreneurial mindset. While most of this advice is sound, such as teaching your kids risk/reward, allowing them to learn from their failures, and modeling hard work, many of these are overarching parental philosophies that can ring hollow – they sound great, but exactly what does this mean on the ground?


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Women In Sports Business From A Student's Prospecive

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Nov 11, 2015 9:08:25 AM

This summer, Alli Leiva spent four weeks participating in the Wharton Sports Business Academy at the University of Pennsylvania. In a profession dominated by males, Alli was determined to leave her mark. During the summer, she learned from world-class professors, executives and peers from around the world. She also traveled throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, visiting professional sports franchises throughout the region. Throughout the program, she learned what it takes to be a woman in the sports world – learning from women who have made successful careers in the sports world. We caught up with Alli to discuss her experience and this is what we she had to say:

Wharton Sports Business Program for High Schoolers 2015


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Learn Sports Business from the Wharton Sports Business Academy!

Posted by Caleb M. on Nov 3, 2011 4:16:00 PM

Sports Business has been one of the most lucrative business markets around for quite some time. In the United States of America alone, the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) bring in over $17 billion in annual revenue according to Plunkett Research's Intro to the Sports Industry


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