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How Summer Learning Programs and the ‘Pre-Professionals’ Title Gives High Schoolers the Upper Hand

Posted by Steve Robertson on May 24, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Happy teen girls having good fun time outdoors using laptop-1.jpeg

The high school years are a time for discovering oneself — learning strengths and weaknesses, identifying dreams and goals for the future, developing key communication and real-world skills, and mapping out plans for college or a career after graduation.


Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs, High School Summer Programs, Julian Krinsky Business School, Pre-Professional Programs

What to Do When Your Application to a Summer Program Is Denied

Posted by Steve Robertson on Apr 28, 2017 10:54:24 AM

MonopolyGO-2.jpgBeing rejected is not fun to experience. As unpleasant as it is, things not going as planned is a part of life. This time of year, thousands of students who applied to a summer program that has limited spots available will inevitably face a denial letter. Therefore, here is a list of things to keep in mind if you don’t get in to your first choice program:


Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs, Pre-Professional Programs

6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Preprofessional Summer Camp for Your Child

Posted by Steve Robertson on Mar 30, 2017 9:54:35 AM

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen.jpegThe time for summer camp is on the horizon, and many parents are forgoing general camps in favor of more specialized preprofessional summer programs.


Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs

Tips That Work for the College Admissions Process!

Posted by Steve Robertson on Mar 29, 2017 4:46:33 PM

college_prep_summer_campApplying to college can sometimes feel like playing the lottery in Vegas. It can feel like a shot in the dark and you have no idea what a college is looking for. Applying to colleges would be a whole lot easier if we had some tips, right?                                                                                                                                                             


Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs, Pre-Professional Programs, For Parents

Why Teaching Tech to Kids is Important

Posted by JKCP on Feb 17, 2017 12:30:00 PM

Girls In Stem and Technology Summer Camp

Today in 2017, skills that are hot commodities on a resume have changed drastically from what they were 10 years ago. At the forefront of those skills is tech! Coding and app development has become one of the most valuable skills a professional can carry into the real world. Technology summer courses can provide you with skills and background knowledge that could open many doors with cutting edge companies. Beside the fact that these skills could potentially earn you an incredible amount of money, there are many other benefits to learning how to code or design websites/apps at an early age. As years pass, there are increasingly more opportunities to learn these skills such as technology summer camps specifically designed for middle school or high school students. 


Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs, High School Summer Programs, Middle School Summer Programs

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