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Student Spotlights: Experiencing Yale Summer Academy with Tamie & Kendra

Posted by Ezra Solway on May 28, 2019 9:58:00 AM

In the summer of 2018, Tamie Tominaga traveled from her hometown in Brazil to attend the Yale Summer Academy in New Haven Connecticut. It was a life changing experience for her. The program opened her up to a new way of thinking, a prestigious academic environment that challenged her and friends she met from all walks of life. Now, Tamie is focused on getting out of her comfort zone, something that had eluded her before her time at Yale.  


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Art: Summer at Penn - Introducing New Media Major

Posted by JKCP on Feb 22, 2019 12:24:55 PM

Today, in our evolving multimedia landscape, there has never been a higher demand for professionals with digital production skills. Now, it is needed in almost every industry. Yet, technical skills without creativity only go so far. Art: Summer at Penn’s, New Media Course, bridges this gap and allows students to grow their technical production skills. Explore and experiment with digital photography, video, sound, light, projection and installation. Then students can apply this knowledge towards a career in film, museum installation, graphic design and many more. Students will learn how to edit and publish various screening formats. They will also focus on a combination of individual and collaborative projects with access to state of the art modern equipment.


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Student Spotlight: How Summer Camp Gave Rachel Solden Confidence And Independence While Preparing For College

Posted by Kara Goldenhorn on Dec 11, 2017 3:13:49 PM


Rachel Solden, a 17 year old from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has spent the last four summers attending three of JKCP's different camps and programs. In 2014, she spent four weeks at our Xploration Summer Camp at Haverford College. The following two summers, Rachel spent several weeks at our Enrichment Summer Camp at Villanova University. Most recently, she spent four weeks throughout this past summer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Art: Summer at Penn Program. Over her four years with us, Rachel has really come into her own as a young adult. She attributes JKCP for helping her become the confident, independent woman she is today.


Topics: Life at JKCP, JKCP Student Spotlight, High School Summer Programs, Architecture at PennDesign, Pre-Professional Programs

Alumni Spotlight: Abby Feitler, New Doc on the Block 

Posted by Natalie Martin on Aug 11, 2016 10:17:11 AM

Abby Feitler, a rising senior at Francis W. Parker High School in Chicago, previously attended the JKCP Internship Program. She was placed at Einstein Medical Center for three weeks. Ms. Feitler has a passion for the healthcare industry and has surrounded herself with multiple exposure opportunity such as: curEinstein_.jpegrently interning at Midwest Orthopedics, volunteering with High Jump, a non-profit education organization, and Lurie Children’s Hospital, as well as traveling to Cusco, Peru for a medical mission trip. Since participating in the JKCP Internship Program, Abby has built up her resume tremendously and is preparing herself for college next year.


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Alumni Spotlight: Doctor Melinda Spicer, Ten years Later

Posted by Natalie Martin on Aug 2, 2016 11:28:32 AM

image2-1.jpegThink back ten years ago, what were you doing? Were you preparing yourself for your future life-long career? Doctor Melinda Spicer sure was and has been wildly successful in her chosen career path. Before she became a veterinarian, Melinda attended JKCP’s Internship three-week program for high school students. She was placed at Society Hill Veterinary Hospital. According to Spicer, that internship sealed the deal to her future veterinary career.

Topics: JKCP Student Spotlight, Internships for High School Students

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