Tips For Transitioning From Indoor Tennis to Outdoor Tennis

Posted by Andrew Waters on Apr 18, 2017 10:23:53 AM

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One of the biggest obstacles that a tennis player may face is the seasonal transition from indoor to outdoor courts. With different playing surfaces and elements, indoor and outdoor tennis tend to prove to be two entirely different experiences.

  1. Equipment

When it comes to equipment, string tension, over grips, and type of string can all affect your transition from indoors to outdoors. Therefore, an awareness of where your equipment is in its lifespan is important. Take into consideration court surface. If you are on a Har-Tru or clay court, the ball will be slower, whereas a grass court will have a faster ball. The first thing you should do is check that your string tension, type of string and over grip are all appropriate for the new surface. Your pro is the best source of advice in this category. 

  1. Preparation

As weather is warming up, or so we hope, being prepared for a long match is crucial. Be sure to have snacks on hand such as granola bars or bananas as well as having plenty of water and Gatorade. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Also, think about including extra grips, hats, clothing, and towels in your bag in case it is extra humid.

  1. Conditioning

Be sure to slowly transition from indoors to outdoors. If you have an upcoming match outdoors, you will need to have adapted to the outdoor elements such as wind, sun and. Don’t just jump in and let the elements take you by surprise. Try to allow yourself at least 2-3 practice sessions minimum before any outdoor match. You want to really focus on high percentage directionals such as cross court hitting as this will get you into a better rhythm.

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