The Roommate Bond | Making The Most Of A Teen Summer Camp Opportunity

Posted by Joshua Block on Jan 12, 2016 2:49:30 PM

teen summer camp roomate letterYou come to a teen summer camp to learn new things, become more independent, meet new people and most importantly have fun. You may choose to attend with friends or maybe you’re trying out this experience on your own, hoping to meet like-minded people who you’ll keep in contact with for years to come. No matter the case, the people you meet are what will make your camp experience so memorable. What’s more, it’s no secret that students at teen summer programs meet and live among students from all over the world, making this an experience you’ll love.

If you’re attending a summer program, you’ll likely be housed with a roommate. If you choose a great summer program, the staff are trained to strategically pair you with another student based on your age, interests, length of stay, and personal requests. Though most students do not specify roommate requests, the staff will make every effort to accommodate those who do. Making the most out of this experience can be one of the most important relationships a student can build for these three reasons:

1. Networking. Building a close bond with someone over the course of your summer program can be the cornerstone for a lifelong connection that will carry on through college and professional life. 

2. Cultural Enrichment. It is very likely that roommates at an international teen summer program like JKCP will be from two different cities, possibly even different countries. For so many reasons, this can expand the horizons of each roommate and give each of them new perspective on the world they live in.

3. Real-world Experience: Living with another person will help to teach students cleanliness, accountability, time management and many other important skills they will need in college. 

Roommates at pre-college teen summer programs tend to live together in a dorm type atmosphere, although that depends a bit on what type of program you attend. Regardless of the type of environment you live in, you’re guaranteed to find awesome places to hang out with your roommate and other friends. For example, at JKCP, dorms are complete with a snackshop, game room, and several lounges to play cards, have a snack, and hang out in.

If at this point, you’re feeling a little nervous about meeting new friends and having a roommate, I completely understand! It can be a scary endeavor. The residential team will make a point of helping you and your roommate become good friends. Use them as such... when there is a program on campus, attending and participating will give you a chance to bond with your roommates over something other than your living situation. In the first few days of each session, they’ll facilitate fun team-building games and icebreakers. In no time at all, your roommate will be the person you’ll speak with before going to sleep and also a person who you feel most comfortable around.

Over the past 37 summers at JKCP, we’ve seen the incredible friendships that develop between roommates. Rest-assured, we’ll work hard to find you a roommate that you’ll enjoy your experience with. Summer is just six short months away, have you registered yet for the best summer of your life?

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