The Confidence to Be a Serial Connector with Steve Robertson

Posted by Steve Robertson on Sep 21, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Interview Skills GW High School.jpgSteve talks with Jake Carlson on his podcast about Modern Leadership. Steve dives into why connecting with people is so important to him, how creating deep, meaningful relationships can be valuable, and how parents and students can benefit from finding balance in many areas of their lives. Listen to the full podcast here.

Jake Carlson is a popular speaker, accountability partner, and host of the Modern Leadership podcast. He specializes in topics like accountability, problem solving, confidence building, adaptability, and enthusiasm.

Episode Summary: The Confidence to Be a Serial Connector with Steve Robertson

  • Serial Connector and energy leader
  • Connect for the sake of growing, not “using” that relationship
  • Connecting with people is like library books. Some are nice and you put them back when done. Others, impact you in a strong way
  • How do you become a serial connector?
    • Passion
    • Sincerely interested in getting to know people
    • Be mindful and deliberate about meeting & connecting
    • Pay attention to the person in front of you for the time they are in front of you
  • Be deliberate about quality of experience, not quantity of business cards
  • A small percentage of the population thrive on networking events
  • Meaningful connections
  • Balance, within reason, allowing kids to experience failure
  • Give kids a chance to test things before they must commit long term
  • We live and believe in a culture of honor
  • It begins with your core really believing who you are
  • Why is a strawberry red?
  • Attitude is contagious
  • Leadership is being able to speak to someone about their 10%
  • Good attitude is just one focus away
  • It is never too late to start again

Topics: Pre-College Summer Programs, Pre-Professional Programs, For Parents, Generation Z

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