The 5 Benefits Of Attending A Pre College Summer Program

Posted by Jamie Calvario on May 21, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Benefits of a Pre-College Summer ProgramOne of the harder choices as a teen is deciding what to do with all the free time in the summer. Should I get a part time job? Should I go to camp? But the question that you should ask yourself is, what should I possibly do to make myself better this summer? One area to start is exploring pre-college summer programs. It all starts with discovering how to make yourself more well rounded in an effort to stand out for college admissions.  

Top 5 Benefits of Attending a Pre College Summer Program

  1. Participating in a pre college summer program is the first step to making yourself a more well rounded student. Start by exploring areas in which you are not as comfortable. If you have a strong academic background but want to add working experience then the internship program at JKCP is a great fit. If you want to add a sense of competition then maybe consider joining one of our golf and tennis programs like tennis for college. For example, a student who made sure they were well rounded in high school is Kwasi Enin, the student from New York that was accepted into every Ivy League school. Learn more about his story here.
  2. Pre-college summer programs help each student in the area of networking. Engaging with various students from all across the globe creates a bond that can last a lifetime. Students will also form a bond with their instructors. Instructors can then become a resource for students for any future endeavors. Our instructors and mentors have been known to write great reference letters. 
  3. Depending on your age, taking an SAT prep course in the summer can benefit you exceptionally. No better time to prepare for the SATs than in the summer. In the summer you are given more time to focus on preparing for your SATs. There will not be as many distractions going on as opposed to taking SAT prep during the school year when most students have other commitments. Plus, at JKCP you can still have fun by combining a half day SAT course with another half day option of your choice.
  4. Pre college summer programs will keep the student in a structured and productive environment. Structure and productivity is something all successful people have in their life. Keep your brain going all year!
  5. Attending a pre college summer program might take you out of your comfort zone. Whether that is traveling alone, meeting new students from all over the world, or taking new classes; there are many new experiences throughout your time at camp. Doing something that is not the norm can be beneficial. Similar to life, in school you will have to step outside of the box and adapt to something completely different. 

You can prepare for the transition from high school to college by experiencing for yourself in summer.  

JKCP Pre College Summer Programs

At JKCP we offer over 15 customizable and unique summer programs, many with multiple classes to choose from.  Discover more about the programs offered based on your interests:

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Business Leadership STEM
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What summer program is right for you?

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