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Posted by Brenda Ronan on Nov 22, 2019 1:51:00 PM

Summer is often a time of year when people are trying to get in shape. Whether you are trying to stay in shape for a sports team or are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, busy schedules and summer parties can make your fitness goals go haywire! There are usually a few challenges that most people face when it comes to staying or getting in shape in the summer: 

  1. Summer is an extremely busy time for many people and making time for fitness can be a challenge. 
  2. Boredom or lack of interest in the exercise you are doing can make people much less motivated to stick with whatever workout plan they might have.
  3. Being unsure about what to do during a workout. For many people the thought of going to the gym or trying a new class can be very intimidating. 

Fit people doing push-ups at the park

Luckily, if you are ages 14 to 18 and interested in getting in shape this summer, then JKCP’s Enrichment program has many options for you. There are several different fitness options available which means you can switch up your schedule and try something different each week - no getting bored of your workout here! The small instructor-to-student ratio means you will have professional instructors and trainers showing you the ropes and helping you find a good fitness routine. And, if you sign up for any of these fitness classes you know ahead of time that you are setting aside time to get in some exercise; there is no reason to miss out on fun in the summer to exercise. Let’s dive into some of the options at Enrichment:

Summer Fitness Class at Enrichment


The world of fitness changes dramatically each year with one fitness trend after another. But should it? Even though there is a new fad every few months, we believe the science behind fitness always remains the same. This course will help you wade through the sea of trends and identify the healthy fitness regimen that suits you and your goals. Whether you are an athlete or just want to jumpstart your fitness, we have a trainer that is perfect for you. We believe that unenjoyable workouts result in giving up and reverting to less healthy habits. For over a decade, we have been developing workouts that break the monotony of a typical day at the gym and focus your fitness in areas that will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Shape and strengthen your body through cardio, weight-training, agility, flexibility, coordination workouts and sports training. You can also choose from a variety of different options like boot camp, cardio kickboxing, circuit training, and ab attack to name a few. Whether it's in the gym or getting outside and enjoying the weather, our certified trainers will “mix-up” your workouts with TRX suspension trainers, Bosu Balance Balls, body weight resistance and other training tools and techniques. With this exposure to a variety of training methods, you’ll walk away equipped with a routine customized just for you. We look forward to seeing you this summer and helping you achieve your fitness goals.


GetFit (10)

Yoga has been one of the hottest fitness trends for the past 3000 years. These workouts will leave you feeling relaxed, centered and fit. The course will focus on poses that increase strength, balance, stamina and flexibility with the added component of meditation. Every session will begin and end with restorative poses that help release tension and reduce stress. These breathing and meditative techniques will help renew your body each day, strengthening your body and soul in a combined effort to make you even better than you already are. In an effort to expose you to as many different types of yoga as possible, our instructor will use a combination of Anusara, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga schools to give you a well-rounded experience. 

At JKCP, we strive to teach you skills that last a lifetime, and this course is no exception. We will give you the tools you need to stay fit and centered for your entire life. So, whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, breath, stretch, and relax with us in the ultimate course of yoga and meditation.

Tennis at Enrichment


If you aren't a tennis player, then you might not have considered this class as part of your summer scheduled. But don't let your lack of experience in tennis make you shy away from the great fitness opportunity. At JKCP we have tennis for beginners which is not only fun, but the program gets you moving on the court. It builds muscles, helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but it's fun! There are fun competitions and opportunities to play with students from all over the world. No matter your level, tennis is a great option to add to your fitness schedule. 

Healthy Food Options at Summer Camp

We can’t really talk about getting healthy at summer camp without addressing the elephant in the room: healthy eating at summer camp. Many people associate summer camp with unhealthy food options like pizza, soda, candy and ice cream. But while attending the Enrichment program, students live on campus at Villanova University and will enjoy a wide variety of healthy options in Villanova’s Dining Hall. Students are free to make their own choices, but for lunch and dinner there are plenty of healthy options. You can choose from a salad bar, fresh cooked vegetables, lean proteins and vegetarian and vegan options, as well as hot entrees. There are plenty of fresh and delicious meal options to keep your healthy fitness goals on track.

Creating Your Schedule at Enrichment

Here’s the fun part: you can choose your class schedule each week at Enrichment. Let’s say you really want to amp up your fitness regimen; you can choose two fitness classes each week, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Here’s a sample schedule:

  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 9:30am Morning Class - Fitness
  • 12:15pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm Afternoon Class - Yoga
  • 4:00pm Afternoon Activity
  • 5:30pm Lineup and Floor Challenges
  • 5:45pm Dinner
  • 6:45pm Evening Activities

But if you are looking to switch things up a bit, there are over 30 classes at Enrichment in the Arts, business, STEM, college prep and more. So you could try Biology, Cooking or Robotics in the morning and Yoga in the afternoon. If you are staying for several weeks, the options are endless!

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