Summer Enrichment Program Teacher Spotlight: GetFit with Joe O’Hara

Posted by David Quintanilla on May 5, 2014 2:00:00 PM

GetFit at JKCP EnrichmentJoe O’Hara is not a gym teacher, and he will not throw any dodge balls at you. What Joe will do, is help you take the next step in your athletic career and show you how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Certified by both the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and the North American Sports Federation (NASF), Joe is a real health and work out enthusiast.


The GetFit program is a popular class at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs' Enrichment, and Joe has had a great influence on directing the program. Joe believes that GetFit is about more than just working out and exercising during the summer, he believes this unique program can resonate with kids for the rest of their lives.


“This isn’t a normal 3 sets of ten or the basic everyday exercises kind of program. The kids are going to walk out learning at least a few new things a day. We have three trainers who help create individual workout and nutritional plans. Hopefully, we are making this fun for them so they can make this a lifestyle,” Joe says while warming up with a group of students.


One of the largest misconceptions about GetFit is that students will be partaking in a gym class like program. Joe explains what the program is really like, “The real situation is that many of the students who come to the program are athletes looking to take their game to the next level or curious kids who are interested in working out.”


While Joe works with students of all experience levels, he wants to make sure that they are working out correctly so they maximize their workout. “We try to keep them off of the machines so much, because with that, you are limited especially if you don’t have a gym at home. We want these kids to be able to go home and do as many of these same exercises as possible,” says Joe.


When Joe is not teaching Get Fit during the summers, he is working as a personal trainer at the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis in Narberth. “A lot of the workouts I construct are built around improving people’s tennis skills, helping them improve power, speed, balance, coordination, and just overall conditioning,” says Joe.


Whether you are thinking of improving your tennis skills, gaining some muscle, or just getting a bit healthier, JKCP personal Trainer Joe O’Hara is just the guy for you. His experience in the field of fitness is accompanied by his motivating personality that will be sure to leave you with a great impression and a hunger for getting fit.


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