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Posted by Brenda Ronan on Nov 13, 2019 1:27:00 PM

What is studio art?

Let’s start by exploring the basics of what studio art is. Studio Fine Art is any art-form that is meant to be looked at for aesthetic purposes only. Generally, you can think of Studio or Fine Art as any type of art you can look at: photos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, etc. 

How do I get started in studio art?

Depending on what you are interested in, studio art can be something you can start doing at home. Things like pencil drawing will be much easier than ceramics where you might have to find a studio and get some training to even start. So if you are interested in trying out some different forms of art, start with the ones that are most interesting and accessible. If you feel like you need more direction you can always try some sort of class, whether that is at school or a summer program like the one offered at JKCP. 

drawing at the summer art program

What is the Enrichment Studio Art summer class like at Enrichment?

The summer art program at Enrichment allows students to explore different areas of art. Small class sizes and professional instructors let students engage with the teachers and get personalized feedback. Each day students are in the class for 2.5 hours and are able to complete multiple projects each week. It’s really a unique type of summer art program because of how versatile it can be for each student.

When it comes to art, people generally fall into one of three categories: those who are natural artists, those who dabble and those who wouldn’t dare even try. At JKCP we try to connect with all three types of people and encourage students to experiment and maybe even get out of their comfort zones. 

For the Artist: Perhaps you have fallen in love with painting or drawing and know you want to explore your passion even more. Or, maybe you are considering trying something new; one of the best parts about taking a new art class is getting to explore a new area of art. Maybe that’s trying a different medium like sculpture or photography. Or maybe you can challenge yourself in a new setting with a new instructor. Many art classes employ different methods and ways of honing your art skills. A summer camp could potentially be a way to step out of your comfort zone, add to your portfolio and expand your horizons. If you are considering attending an art school or pursuing a career in art, there is no better time than the summer than to dive in deeper.  

For Those Who Dabble in Art: Maybe you have never taken an art class, but you are interested in one or many areas of Studio Art. If you find yourself doodling art on the side of every notebook, are drawn to (pun-intended) Art Galleries or find yourself thinking, “I wonder how someone paints a picture like that?” - maybe it’s time to consider taking the step of trying your hand in an Art Class. The Enrichment summer class allows students to try different mediums like pencil drawing, charcoal, oil painting or something you haven’t even considered. It’s the perfect opportunity to get professional instruction and try out several different art forms. If your school doesn’t offer the area you are interested in or maybe your course-load is too full during the school year to add art to your schedule, then summer is the perfect time to try it out!

For the non-artist: Maybe you are destined for a career in business, maybe sports are more your forte, or perhaps you have tried art and feel you are terrible. Whatever the reason, I think I can  appeal to your left-brain and try to convince you that art can be a great extracurricular for anyone:

  • Develops Neural System: Practicing art regardless of the medium has shown to enhance the process of learning by developing the neural system. So for students who excel in other areas such as math or science, art can be a great way to actually help your brain develop and eventually improve the areas in which you were already excelling. 
  • Improve Self Esteem: That’s right, even if you think you are terrible at art, it can actually help improve your self-esteem. Art quite often relies on the feedback of your teachers and oftentimes your peers. You are typically your worst critic and it can help you to hear from others the positives in your work and you might realize that you aren’t as bad as you think! 
  • Color Theory: Color theory and aesthetic awareness are things that you can put to use in other areas of your life. If you are going to Business School, for example, learning what colors look best for presentations can be helpful. Creativity and imagination can help you contribute different ideas in your field and set you apart. 
  • Improve Self-Discipline: It can improve self-discipline because it is such a self-directed activity. Artists have the unique ability to assign themselves work. Even if you are not an artist by trade, starting and finishing a piece of art because you simply desire it is in itself an act of self-discipline. 
  • And if none of these reasons appeal to you, it’s always worth it to try new things and maybe even...ahem, learn how to handle failure. 

Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t know anything about it - the arts are an undeniably important aspect of society.

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