Student Spotlights: Experiencing Yale Summer Academy with Tamie & Kendra

Posted by Ezra Solway on May 28, 2019 9:58:00 AM

In the summer of 2018, Tamie Tominaga traveled from her hometown in Brazil to attend the Yale Summer Academy in New Haven Connecticut. It was a life changing experience for her. The program opened her up to a new way of thinking, a prestigious academic environment that challenged her and friends she met from all walks of life. Now, Tamie is focused on getting out of her comfort zone, something that had eluded her before her time at Yale.  

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Kendra Ezeama, another alumnus of Yale Summer Academy last year affirmed that the experience of learning at Yale with hands on advisors was “unforgettable”. Ezeama, who hails from Smithfield, Rhode Island, came away from the program really understanding the importance of collaboration. Kendra’s program final project, “New Edu” was focused on reforming the educational system in order to combat poverty and illiteracy. Her group saw that by empowering the youth through sustainable institutions, they’d be able to make real change. On top of that, Kendra learned: “if communication or cooperation were lacking, then the project will lack all around.” Their group was able to succeed because everyone’s opinion was heard and everyone’s contribution was considered valuable. Now, Kendra has taken these skills of collaboration back with her to Rhode Island as she finishes out her high school career.

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Another feature of Kendra’s experience that made it all the more special were the relationships she formed. “The fact that I got to meet and create meaningful relationships with people around the world my age and work together with them was a dream come true.” To this day Kendra still keeps up with her Yale Summer Academy friends from France, Germany and Brazil on a regular basis. The power of the Yale Summer Academy is that it affords students the ability to experience the world on a global scale. It allows students to get out of their bubble, think critically on a broader scale, while they form friendships with peers all around the world. The experience bleeds over to not only their studies, but how they see the world through a social and critical lens.  

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