Student Spotlight: Jared Lake

Posted by David Quintanilla on May 19, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Jared’s Lake’s bright neon yellow shirt and neon shoelaces are a great reflection of Jared, in essence, you can’t miss this student at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. Jared’s infectious smile, and spunky attitude have made this eleven-year-old a stand out to other players and counselors at this year’s tennis camp. To no surprise, this outspoken and friendly first year student enjoyed sitting down and chatting with us about, in his own words, “the best summer of [his] life.” Jared_Lake_Tennis


Jared made the journey from his home in Long Island, New York to Haverford’s campus to refine his skills in tennis and enjoy his summer. Jared is no stranger to summer camps and, because of that, knew what he wanted in a summer camp. He liked the idea of coming to JKCP so that he could focus on one activity and really dive into it, rather than simply scratch the surface of a sport that he enjoys. “I really just wanted to play tennis and focus on just that instead of other activities at camp,” says Jared.

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was three,” Jared says. The young player has a great deal of experience playing in his eight years with the sport but knew that he could learn with the help of the instructors “The coaches are intense, but fun. They make a point to improve you. It was definitely challenging but pushing myself to do a lot of the tough stuff really made a big difference in getting better,” says Jared.

The presence of Julian Krinsky himself also helped make an impact on Jared’s summer. “Julian took us all out for ice-cream, it was one of the evening activities. He’s a really good guy and has a great accent. It was a lot of fun and now I really look forward to the night activities too,” Jared said.

Night activities were not the only part of the off the court adventures he experienced, “Our trip to Dorney park was crazy!” says Jared. The amusement park located in Allentown, Pennsylvania is a little over an hour away from the Haverford campus and is a favorite Saturday trip. Jared recounts his favorite water ride, saying, “it was awesome, we were going so fast.”

While the young New Yorker has loved his time at JKCP, each summer must come to an end, and while it does mean he will be heading home, he may be not far away from a return to JKCP, “All in all it’s been great, I’d love to come back.”

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