Why You Should Consider A STEM Summer Camp

Posted by Kara Goldenhorn on Apr 30, 2018 8:52:00 AM

STEM summer camps are designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to students of all ages in a fun and engaging way. The students learn basic STEM skills while making new friends and improving social skills.

In this article, we are going to explain how all grade levels can benefit from summer camps in the STEM categories (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We will also highlight some specific STEM programs that are featured by Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs.


Benefits of STEM Summer Camps for Elementary School Students

Here is how kids who study in elementary school can benefit from STEM summer camps:

  • Productive summer - Many kids spend their summer at home watching Netflix and sleeping all day. It can be fun for the first few days, but then such pastimes can turn out to be boring for them. Besides, during the summer the kids typically forget most of the basic mathematics and science that they have learned at school. STEM camps can be both a fun and useful activity for your children. They teach the young participants to solve problems, think logically, and be creative.
  • Getting an idea of future careers - More and more prestigious careers require advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge and skills. Being introduced to math and science at an early age will give the youngest students a distinct advantage. Hands-on experiences with STEM activities will enrich them with important knowledge and develop necessary skills. As a result, your child will start making the first steps towards building a brilliant career in the IT, science, engineering, and mathematics spheres. It’s important to think of these not only as STEM summer camps, but also career exploration exercises.
  • An opportunity to get out of their comfort zone - By spending a part of their summer or even most of the summer in unfamiliar surroundings, kids will become more autonomous in the early age. Besides, they will make new friends and learn to work in a team, as many STEM activities involve teamwork in a lab setting.
  • Feeling of self-confidence - In STEM summer camps, your children will be constantly trying out something new and do things that they were previously afraid of doing. As a result, when they return to school after the camp, they will feel more confident regarding the STEM-related subjects.
  • Finding inspiration - The idea of STEM education is to make the kids realize how STEM disciplines can simplify the human lives. The children get inspired for the future and remain excited to learn new things and grow with their experiences.

Benefits of STEM Summer Camps for Middle School Students

Middle schoolers can also get a lot of value out of STEM summer camps, and here is how:

  • Easier transition from middle school to high school - Summer camps are a perfect way to get your middle school child ready for the challenges of high school. The transition from middle school to high school often turns out to be a stressful experience, because high school processes differ from the ones of middle school quite a bit. STEM summer camps can give middle schoolers an idea of what can await them in a high school. For example, the Xploration program for middle school students at JKCP allows the students to create a customized schedule with classes on different subjects, including the STEM disciplines. The program is divided into several “tracks”, including the Science, Technology, and Engineering tracks. During the program, the kids will spend lots of time or even live on the premises of college campuses, getting an opportunity to explore college life at an early stage.24550509138_b949be2583_z (1)
  • A chance to improve the problem areas - If your child is falling behind with the STEM disciplines, a STEM summer camp is a great opportunity to catch up with these subjects. In STEM summer camps, the kids and teens study with smaller groups, in a more fun and relaxed environment. Smaller numbers of students give the teacher more time to focus on each student individually and thus achieve better results. Moreover, teachers at STEM camps can use different teaching methods, which can sometimes work miracles and help your child in their struggle with technical subjects.
  • Career development opportunities - If your child already shows interest in science and technology, then probably this hobby will turn into a career. Therefore, it is important to support their interests at early stages and let them participate in one of the STEM summer programs. Through field trips as well as hands-on exercises and experiments, the kids strengthen and develop their scientific and social skills, laying down the first career milestone.

Benefits of STEM Summer Camps for High School Students

High school students will benefit from STEM summer camps in the following ways:

  • Feeling the college atmosphere - Most summer camps are located in college campuses and offer residential options where the students live in a dorm with their peers and taste the college life. They can meet the current students to discuss their experiences while spending the summer with future STEM majors. As a result, the teens will be better prepared for college life. One of such pre-college summer programs with the STEM subjects is Enrichment for high school students taking place on the premises of Villanova University. During the enrichment program, the students can choose a morning class and an afternoon class on subjects that interest them most. The program offers the following STEM disciplines: High School Math Prep, Intro to Coding and App Development, Robotics, Video Game Revolution, and Engineering.
  • Increased college admission chances - Extracurricular activities such as STEM summer camps add more value to college enrollment applications of high school students. If your child wants to pursue the STEM career and chooses the corresponding institution to study in, then participation in a STEM camp will definitely draw the attention of admission offices. It’s a great first step in preparing for college.
  • An opportunity to pump up the social skills - Summer camps, especially the STEM summer camps, involve lots of teamwork and socializing. It is a great chance to meet new friends and make useful connections with people not only from the US but also all over the world.


If your children are showing interest in science, math, technology or engineering, consider sending them to a STEM summer camp. Here is a brief overview of STEM-related courses at JKCP:

  • Science Track: Crime Scene Forensics, DIY Science, and Physics. Students can see how science plays a role in many careers.
  • Technology Track: DJ-ing, Intro to Coding & App Development, Video Game Development. Students can learn everything from how to get into esports to building their own apps.  
  • Engineering Track: Hovercraft Engineering, Inventioneering, and Robotics. These courses and programs help an inventive mind open up to problem solving.

STEM careers are careers of the future, so do not hesitate and contact us today with any questions related to our programs. In fact, check out all of JKCP’s programs and see if anything jumps out for your kids, regardless of grade level. Or if you are local to the Mainline area of Philadelphia and are interested in any of these camps, check out all the classes available to Day Campers.

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