3 Secret Benefits of an Enrichment Summer Camp for Middle School Students

Posted by JKCP on Mar 26, 2018 3:38:20 PM

Comic_Design_middle_school_enrichment_summer_camp.jpgSummer camp has many known benefits. It helps students avoid the effects of summer slide during long school breaks while giving them the opportunity to socialize with their peers.  These experiences are essential in building the academic and interpersonal skills needed to thrive in high school, college, and beyond. Enrichment camps are designed to provide additional benefits to young ones at this important stage in their development. Here are some of the secret perks of sending children to an enrichment summer camp for middle school students.

1. Self-Expression at a Critical Time

Differentiation is a term used by psychologists. It indicates the periods during which your child is attempting to establish their own identity. During this critical phase, the child is trying to find out what skills, knowledge, and abilities define them. These are the characteristics they will use to describe themselves for the rest of their lives. They will also influence their career choices, interests, and self-image for years to come.

The tweens and early teen years are one of the most important periods of differentiation. Sending your young one to an enrichment summer camp for middle school students gives them a safe space in which to experiment with new ideas. They can express themselves without worrying about the restrictions of preconceived notions from friends and family members. Their positive camp experience will give them healthy new ways to express their own unique viewpoint.

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2. Instill a Real Desire for Education

The ever-changing nature of technology and scientific advancements makes continuing education even more important. Other careers, like arts and music, continue to evolve with the communities they reflect. Keeping track of new developments is an essential part of staying at the forefront of any modern career field.

An enrichment summer camp for middle school students will inspire a thirst for knowledge in your child that will serve them well into their adult lives. Enrichment summer camps emphasize hands-on learning and ensure kids are enjoying what they are learning; these sessions are designed around a theme that sparks your child’s interests and personal passions. The hands-on exploration and a high degree of personal direction let students find out what really excites them about their chosen subject. Students are also encourage to work in small groups on  many of the projects. Collaborating with peers can foster creativity and help students enjoy the subject even more. 

3. Gain Versatile Soft Skills

In our data-driven society, concerned parents emphasize grades and other proof of academic aptitude as the best chance for long-term success. However, soft skills like working well in a group, being able to lead, and problem-solving abilities are just as important. Your child’s experience at an enrichment summer camp for middle school students will help them develop the people, social, and communication skills that are essential for success in high school, college, and even in future careers. 

Working in groups with people from all over the world, your child will learn the value of diversity in a team setting. The self-directed activities and independent projects will teach them how to organize and manage, which are indispensable leadership skills.

Xploration Enrichment Summer Camps for Middle School Students

Whether your child wants to be the next Julia Child or they have their eyes set on exploring the stars, JKCP's Xploration Summer Camps have a program to help them realize their fullest potential. Our enrichment summer camp for middle school students is an exciting place for young ones to explore, connect, experience, and create. Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for socialization, creative expression, and self-directed learning that prepare your child to take full advantage of the high school years.

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