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Posted by Brenda Ronan on Oct 1, 2019 3:28:00 PM

If you are staying longer than one week, you'll love our weekend trips. Many of the JKCP programs are located in and around Philadelphia - a perfect location to explore something new with just a short drive.

First, let’s start with some FAQ’s. Many families have some basic questions when it comes to how our Saturday trips work. 


What are the Saturday Trips?
Our weekend trips include major East Coast destinations like New York City, Washington, DC, the New Jersey beaches and others. See below for a full list and more details about each location.

Can I choose any destination every Saturday?
Typically there are two to three options available every Saturday for students. The options can depend on the program you are attending, so make sure to check the schedule for the correct program. 

Do they cost anything extra?
Some of our programs are all-inclusive while others include a weekend trip fee. Remember to bring some spending money for off campus meals and any souvenirs you might want to buy!  

What is the schedule like?
We leave campus after an on-campus breakfast in air-conditioned motor coaches and return after dinner. Depending on the destination, you may return as late as 11:00pm. 

What is safety like on these trips?
Trips are always well-supervised. The level of supervision varies based on your age and the locations of the trips (e.g. paintball vs. New York City or Washington, DC). Older students are allowed to walk in groups of three or more in designated areas and to check-in at certain times. Younger students are always accompanied by a counselor.

Here is an overview of all the Saturday Trips:

  • Amusement Parks: Six Flags, Hershey Park, or Dorney Park
  • Beach Trip: Ocean City, NJ
  • New York City
  • Paintball
  • Phillies Game
  • Washinton, DC

Amusement Parks: Six Flags, Hershey Park, or Dorney Park


Now onto the Theme Parks.....we have Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, Six Flags: Great Adventure, or Hershey Park. If you love amusement parks, then you will have plenty of opportunities to check these out! 

Dorney Park Wildwater Kingdom is known for their rides and they have a ton for you to enjoy! Their top roller coasters (those given an aggressive thrill rating of 5 on their site) are; Hydra, Possessed, Steel Force, and Talon. Don't stop after the roller coasters! Dorney Park also offers thrill rides. Also using their aggressive thrill scale, Dorney Park's top rides are the Demon Drop and Dominator. You can also beat the heat at The Wildwater Kingdom which has something for everyone: wave pool, lazy rivers, waterslides, and thrill rides, and more!

Six Flags Great Adventure has what many consider the ultimate ride in all of amusement parks, Kingda Ka. This roller coaster is surely unique. It's the tallest coaster in the World and the fastest in North America. If you want to go 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds then you'll love this thrill ride. Kingda Ka rockets you up to a 456 foot apex and then shoots down vertically through a spiral twist moving faster than 100 miles per hour. It's not over yet, you'll then face a near 130 foot tall hill which will bounce you out of your seat for just a few seconds. 

The Sky Screamer is a swing ride sensation that will take you 24 stories off the ground. When it reaches full swing, you will be able to hit speeds of 40 mph in a 98-foot circle. Imagine enjoying Kingda Ka and Sky Screamer in one day. You could do it!


If you don't like roller coasters, there is plenty else to do! They also have various live entertainment shows, an entire safari animal adventure, games, and shopping. 

Insider Scoop from JKCP student Brett Koolik: "When you arrive at Six Flags, you’ll be handed your ticket. After that, the head of the trip will set up the hot spot (a place where you meet back at certain times in the day for a check in, counselors will be there at all times.) From there, you can walk around with your friends and eat lunch whenever. At Six Flags, there are tons of amazing rides including Kingda Ka, rollercoasters, log flooms, Ferris wheel, Spinney rides, Go Karts, flying chairs, and games. At about 1:00, you’ll have to report back to the hotspot. After you check in, you can continue to enjoy your fun day. After you leave the Six Flags park, you’ll be taken to eat dinner. The same rules apply and those are that you can walk around and shop. You will need to be back at the bus by a certain time. So you can head back to campus."

Thrills. Roller Coasters. Excitement. Which rides do you plan on enjoying in our Theme Park Weekend Trips?

Hershey Park also has all you could ask for from a theme park! Rides, a water park, ZooAmerica, and Hershey's Chocolate World including a Hershey's Chocolate Tour!

Ocean City, NJ Beach Trip


Ocean City, New Jersey (America's Greatest Family Resort) is known for the beaches and their boardwalk. You can spend time on the Ocean City beach catching some rays or enjoy the boardwalk's amusement and water park rides.

If you love shopping, the Ocean City boardwalk has the stores for you to get your shopping fix. For the foodie visiting the Ocean City boardwalk, there's plenty to keep your palate busy. Make sure to eat at Manco and Manco's Pizza, Johnson's Popcorn, Kohr Bros.' Ice Cream, Curly's Fries, and of course Steel's Fudge (make sure to take some home).  

Here’s an insider’s perspective from a former student, Brett Koolik: “My favorite trip by far would have to be Ocean City NJ. This trip is the best! There are a ton of options to do there. Once you arrive at the boardwalk, you’re free to go. I usually start with the beach for an hour and then move up to the boardwalk and slowly make my way down. There are two amazing amusement parks on the boardwalk that have arcades, rollercoasters, and other awesome rides. Also, make sure to have some delicious ice-cream-custard on the boardwalk. There are many different ice cream stops. In addition to that, there are so many really good food options. As you make your way down the boardwalk, you’ll see a lot of souvenir shops full of t-shirts merchandise and other cool variety shops. Oh, and you’ll pass at least five different mini-golf places that you have to try. One of my favorite parts of the boardwalk is the go-kart track hidden behind a restaurant. The go-karts go so fast! One of the coolest things on the boardwalk is the water park. And yes, it’s a real, huge waterpark with inner tubes, body slides, and a lazy river. The options are endless. There is so much to do on this trip. After a crazy fun day, you’ll get back on your coach bus, eat at a nearby mall, and make your way back to campus.”



Head to the Poconos to play some Paintball! A paintball game is a great chance for you and your friends to show off your skills. 

Washington DC


While visiting Washington DC you will be able to see the White House and the Washington Monument. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because Washington DC offers so much to see by walking around! There are other buildings and attractions you can visit such as the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, WWII Memorial, Air Force Memorial, Union Station and National Archives. You'll also be able to visit the Air and Space Museum and the Spy Museum. After your tour of Washington DC, you can enjoy shopping in Georgetown

New York City


This is your chance to visit The Big Apple....New York City! Your visit to New York will include a chance for you to explore Fifth Avenue, Union Square and Times Square. Then you can enjoy the boat tour which offers the best views of New York City and the Statue of Liberty.


When you arrive there, you’ll start your day off at Union Square and will be given a map of where you are allowed to go. Then, the group leader will tell you what time to meet back up at Union Square. From there, you’ll be able to explore NYC with your friends. I would recommend bringing more money for this trip than any others because there are more places to visit and shop. After walking around for the whole day, you’ll be taken on the coach buses to a fun boat tour for an hour that has food, music, and of course, a tour guide. It’s a great time to bring your camera and take great panoramic pictures of NYC. After the boat tour, you will eat dinner at a nearby. And of course, you can eat wherever you want. Just make sure to be back on the bus at a certain time. After an amazing time in NYC, you’ll head home back to campus.

Phillies Game

WSBA at Phillies

If you want to stay local have a Philadelphia experience on Saturday try out a Phillies game! You'll visit Citizens Bank Park where you will see the Philly Phanatic, see the World Series Trophies, and eat some classic ball park food. For our international students, experiencing America's favorite pastime sport is a must-do. When the schedule allows we also offer the Phillies Games as a Sunday trip! 

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