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Posted by Jamie Calvario on Jun 6, 2014 12:00:00 PM

The thing that you would never know until you get to the camp is the residential experience. In this blog, I am going to share my experience living in the famous Quad of the University of Pennsylvania and how JKCP made this experience even better.


The residential life at the camp mimics that of a typical college co-ed corridor living experience. At the Quad, we lived in several different corridors and spread across five floors.  The girls and the guys lived on separate floors. Most of us had roommates, and there were a few single rooms. This kind of arrangement provided an individual as well as a communal experience. I had quiet times sitting in my room, working on my business plan, eating or reading a book. But I also sat on the stairs and in the hallway, singing and talking with my new-found friends from the camp. Almost every night, we had a mini “concert” on the stairwell, with guitars and some really amazing voices.


On each floor, there are assigned residential team advisors that oversees the activities among campers. We called them RTAs, and they are absolutely one of the best parts of this summer experience. The RTAs are normally Wharton or Penn students who have participated in the program themselves a couple of year ago. They know how the program works and they could give useful advices to the campers who are curious about the university and the college application process. Each night before curfew, the whole program will gather outside and have floor meetings, where the RTAs would collect our Penn cards and tell us about the schedule of the next day. Business aside, while we gave the RTAs the most respect during the program, the RTAs and us became great friends after a month of time.


Another big aspect of the residential experience is undoubtedly the food. On our Penn cards, we were assigned meal points and money to eat at the Commons or at the Market. Normally, breakfast and dinner were at the Commons and we could pick up something at the Market for lunch. The commons is buffet style, and you could eat as much as you want. Different programs ate there on different schedules so although there was often a line, I was able to get through quickly. The Market is a more open food court and we could buy our choice of food with the money on our Penn cards. Overall, the food choices were very diverse and I could always get what I wanted. Definitely get a cookie or a cookie sandwich at Insomnia Cookies, because that is going to be the best cookie that one could ever dream of.


Lastly, the Quad is always shared between multiple different groups. As a WSBA students, I was able to meet LBW, Penn Medicine, Internship and Model UN program students. That was a great way for me to meet my peers who have different aspirations but the same drive as I do.


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