Pre-Med Prep Summer Program

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So you decided you want to be a doctor. If you are in high school and have already decided you want to become a doctor then you can use your time in high school to prepare for your future career. But knowing you want to enter a competitive and demanding field such as medicine can make your future path seem stressful. You might feel unsure about how to prepare for the academic rigors of college or even feel pressure about getting into the right school. 

There is no reason to worry, though. With some planning and using your time in high school you should be able to increase the chances you will be successful on your journey. High school is a great time to focus on ways to get yourself ready. It’s like most things in life - you get out what you put in. By that, we mean you should do what you can to best utilize your time in high school.

Medical students walking through corridor summer program

How should high schoolers interested in pre-med prepare for college?

  • Take AP classes. Some of these can even provide college credit. High school is a time to set yourself up for success in college, regardless of the classes. Taking classes that challenge you can help you set up good habits. Setting routines, doing homework and studying for classes that can be difficult is a great way to prepare for college. Being disciplined can help you succeed in college.
  • Get Good Grades. It’s not enough to just take difficult classes; you also need to get good grades. Of course, colleges look at your grades and GPA, but understanding the content is even more important. If you are considering a career in medicine, much of the information you learn in school is the groundwork for future, more advanced classes. Instead of just memorizing content for a test and then forgetting it, you will want to learn as much as possible and retain the information. If you are struggling with any of your classes or can’t understand certain topics, make sure to ask for help. Either ask your teacher for extra help or even look for a tutor. Sometimes even just one hour a week with a professional tutor can work wonders for students. Check out this article about How to Get Good Grades in High School for more tips.
  • Take pre-med classes. An undergraduate degree in pre-med is not required to get into med school and pre-med classes are certainly not required. But just because it’s not required doesn’t mean it won’t be helpful to you. When we are talking about pre-med classes in high school, we mean classes like biology, anatomy and even physics and math classes. There are two main benefits of taking these types of classes in high school. First, these classes will help you to know at a very early age if you like these topics. You don’t have to be in love with every single class you take, but if you take a biology class in high school and realize it’s your least favorite subject, maybe a career in medicine isn’t for you. The second benefit of taking these types of classes in high school is that these types of subjects will help prepare you for the MCATs. If you are unfamiliar with the topics covered on the MCATs, look it up and see what classes your high school offers that can help you the most. 
  • Use Your Summer Wisely.  There are a few ways you can boost your summer to help you prepare for your medical career.
    1. Find an internship. Not just an internship where you get coffee and file papers, but something in a career you might be interested in. This article about How to Find A Quality Internship can give you more insight about what to look for in an internship.
    2. Take summer classes. Look for summer classes that can help you prepare for the school year. As stated above, good grades are important and taking a summer class ahead of taking the class in the school year can help you get a head start on the topics.

Pre-Med Science Summer Program at JKCP

science and pre-med students in summer classes

The Pre-Med Prep program at JKCP is designed for high school students to explore the areas of science and healthcare you will need to know in order to pursue a career in medicine. If you know you are interested in medicine as a career, taking this summer program could be the perfect solution. Classes are weekly, but instructors have a curriculum set for three consecutive weeks of unique content during the summer. So, you can take this course for three weeks in a row. Your schedule would look something like this:

  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 9:30am Pre-Med Class
  • 12:15pm Lunch
  • 1:30pm Pre-Med Class
  • 4:00pm Afternoon Activity
  • 5:30pm Lineup and Floor Challenges
  • 5:45pm Dinner
  • 6:45pm Evening Activities

This program at JKCP offers a great pre-college experience. The instructors at JKCP are what set us apart from other pre-college programs. Their passion makes each class engaging, fun and different than your typical high school class. 

A Closer Look at Pre-Med Prep at JKCP

Pre-med biology summer program at jkcp


It has been said that nature has composed some of her loveliest poems for the microscope, and this course will help you analyze the texts. Come harness your inner-Hippocrates this summer and join us for the perfect course for any student who aspires to pursue a career as a doctor, nurse or health professional.

You will begin the course with a “healthy” body and explore all the pieces that allow this intricate mechanism to function properly. After examining the physiology associated with the different biological systems contained in a normal human body, you will scrutinize the potential failure of each of these systems and determine how it will affect the body as a whole. Finally, you will discuss medical intervention and study the extent to which modern medicine can maintain the many working parts of the human body. 

Anatomy & Physiology

You will explore the anatomy and physiology of the human body in detail and learn the complexities of its cells, tissues and major organs. You’ll participate in a variety of dissections, simulations, labs, activities and discussions. They are designed to guide your study of the features and functions of each system including the Muscular, Circulatory, Urinary and Skeletal Systems. Basic mechanisms underlying human life processes will also be explored along with diseases and disorders affecting the body. Additionally, you’ll learn about the different fields of medicine and the medical professions within each field.

Healthcare Industry & Careers

More than just learning the basics, this class will help you discover possible career paths within the healthcare industry. You will discover different career paths and the type of education you might been in order to pursue it. 

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