How Pre-College Summer Programs Prep Students For The Next Step

Posted by Sarah Ohanesian on Apr 27, 2018 9:38:59 AM

Entering college is an important step in any person’s life because how you start off can influence your future. Pre-college summer programs can help students prepare for this decisive step. They allow students to experience college life by taking classes and participating in social activities on a college campus during the summer. Students can either live in dorms or commute from home if they live close to the college.


Depending on various factors, pre-college summer programs can last from one to eight weeks, which seems like a short time, but the benefits go far beyond what you might think is possible. In this article, we’ll talk about some of those benefits, but we also want to get into specific program offerings and how they can help you prepare for college.

These are some of the benefits of pre-college summer programs for high school students:

  • Readiness for college life - Pre collegiate summer programs make transition from high school to college life less difficult. You will be more familiar with expectations of a college class and more comfortable getting around a college campus.
  • Opportunity to explore your academic strengths and weaknesses - During the pre-college summer programs, you can take classes in subjects that you are interested in, discover new interests, or focus on areas where you have knowledge gaps. Many pre-college programs offer combined courses where the students can choose more than one subject to study. You can think of these as career exploration activities.
  • Becoming exposed to a college of your choice - If your academic goal is to attend a specific college, going to its summer program can help you decide if it is the right place for you. By becoming immersed in the campus atmosphere and interacting with current students and professors, you will get a better sense of whether you can see yourself studying in this college.
  • Enhanced college resume - College admission committees are more amenable to applicants who have participated in extracurricular activities on college premises or have actively tried to be involved in preparation activities.
  • Opportunity to make new friends and connections - Pre-college programs for high school students are a perfect place to meet people from all over the world and form meaningful relationships, which will last beyond the program.

Now we’re going to highlight some of the best pre-college summer programs available here at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs:

Enrichment for High School Students - Enrichment is a perfect option for students who want to try several different things. The participants can create their own summer schedule by choosing one morning course and one afternoon course from 30+ classes across subjects spanning the arts, sciences, fashion, fitness, engineering, and much more. The Enrichment program works great for those who want to strengthen something that they already know and get help in areas that still needs improvement. For example, if you want to pursue a career in writing but want to explore STEM subjects, you can choose Writing Lab as a morning class and Engineering as an afternoon class.


The Enrichment program is hosted by Villanova University. As a pre-college enrichment summer program student, you get to experience life at Villanova. From meeting your new roommate, walking to class on the beautiful campus, eating in the dining halls, and taking classes in the historic buildings, you will get a taste of what life as a college student is really like. You will love the modern facilities, air conditioned dorms, snack shops, WiFi and state-of-the-art athletic spaces.

Yale Pre-College Summer Program - Sponsored by Yale University, the Yale Pre-College Summer Program is an immersive, innovative academic experience for high school students, which is designed to develop the next generation’s top thinkers and change makers.

A rotation of academic enrichment classes is woven throughout these two weeks. Academic enrichment courses span Communications, Economics, Environmental Science, Politics, and Technology. These dynamic classes not only support the group projects, but also stimulate high-level interdisciplinary thinking that provides a strong foundation for higher education.

Social opportunities are a cornerstone of all JKCP programs, and this one is no exception. In addition to time spent with peers in daily classes and groups, the recreational evening activities, “Explore Yale” tours (to on-campus sites including the Yale Peabody Museum, the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design and Yale's School of Forestry), dorm life, and a weekend trip to New York City (including a sightseeing cruise past Manhattan’s stunning skyline) provide ample opportunity for downtime and socializing.

The Yale Pre-College Summer Program arms you with an intellectual advantage, lasting friendships, and a clearer sense of policy-focused planning and motivation provided by an illustrious institution of learning.

Pre-College Sports Camps & Programs

Pre-college programs at JKCP involve not only academic but also athletic activities. College admission committees value sports activities too, so participation gives you a chance to become stronger, stay fit, and get a promising record on your college resume.


Here are some examples of what we can offer:

Nike Basketball Camp and JKCP Enrichment - During this program, you can combine the Nike Basketball Camp and one of JKCP’s enrichment activities. Each seven-day session combines challenging, fun Nike Basketball Camps instruction along with an array of educational and exciting JKCP Activities of your choice. You will work with some of the country's best coaches and teachers in a fun, safe and educational setting. You will build upon your basketball skills, learn new hobbies, prepare for your future, experience something new, and make new friends from all over the world.

Nike Golf Camp - Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level golfer, the JKCP summer golf camp for high school students provides world-class instruction and gives you the necessary skills to compete and win. Depending on your strengths, we offer intensive training and real competition that develops every part of your game. We will focus on the short game, putting, approach shots, course management, tournament play, and more. At this completely unique overnight summer golf program, you will learn what it takes to play golf on a more competitive level.

Nike Showcase Boys Soccer Camps - During this pre-college summer program, you will play in front of dozens of college coaches while tasting the college athlete life at Villanova University’s Nike Showcase Soccer Camp. Over four days on Villanova’s campus, you’ll claim your spot on the inside track to college soccer success. Train with Villanova head coach Tom Carlin, sharpen your recruitment strategy, play and hear from leaders in sports science, psychology, nutrition, and more. Villanova’s Nike Soccer Showcase is a critical head start to mastering your college career on and off the field.

Esports Academy - This is one of the newer offerings for high school students. This course basically offers a blueprint for how to get into esports and competitive gaming. The Esports Academy gives students the chance to train with pro gamers, design tournaments, discover opportunities in the esports world, and learn about the business.  

We’ve highlighted the best pre-college summer programs at JKCP, but of course this list is not exclusive. Feel free to browse our website and find the program that suits you best or consider our enrichment pre-college programs for high school students that allow you to combine several activities.

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