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Posted by Nathan Sandercock on Mar 31, 2014 12:38:00 PM

We have all once in our life thought about living away from home, right? Well with Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs you get that experience (within reason haha). You also get to see what it’s like to live in college dorms. I have worked for JKCP for 3 years, coming up on my 4th year and here are some tips for campers and insight into attending JKCP and getting the best experience over summer!


Dorms vary from each JKCP campus; Penn, Villanova or Haverford. Villanova dorms are mostly doubles. The cool thing about Villanova dorms is that you don’t need to remember your key to get into your room, you are given a 6 digit code (yes that's right a code) to enter your room. Each room code is different and the codes are only handed to the people occupying the room at arrivals/check- in. The bathrooms are shared with your wing on the floor and, of course, boys and girls are separated.

On each wing of the floor you will have 2 counselors on staff that are available 24/7. Yes, literally if you are having a nose bleed, feel sick or just need us - NO MATTER the time, knock on our doors and we will help you out. That is our job and we all love our jobs, so it is our pleasure to help.

We are there to wake you up in the morning, make sure you get to your classes, make sure you all go to bed at a reasonable time and to update you with events during the week and weekend. Our job is to make sure you stay safe and make sure that you have an AWESOME summer, to just get the full JKCP Camp experience. We are also pretty interesting people as we have all come from different parts of the world as well, so feel free to chat and chill with us.

JKCP has great variety of campers from all over the world, from USA, Germany, France, Korea, Russia, Dominican Republic and China. What other place can you meet kids the same age as you from all over the world in one place?

Here is my tip for enhancing your JKCP experience:

Go out of your comfort zone and request a roommate from another country. It really shows character and I promise you it will make your JKCP experience so much greater. It may sound intimidating at first being in a room with someone you don't know or doesn’t speak the same language as you, but that's why they came to USA to meet other campers and to learn more of the English language. Trust me it will be one of the highlights to your stay here at JKCP.

You are placed on a floor with a mix of international students; this is another way to really get to know more people. You have free time in the afternoon, meal times to sit with new people or even while you’re in your daily activities take time to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends.

After you have completed your day of tennis, golf or the enrichment program, you return back to campus and are welcomed back by your wonderful floor counselors! This is a time where you shower, relax in your room, or go outside continue to play games with campers and staff or some camper’s even sneak a quick nap before dinner.

After dinner, most nights we will be on campus and have evening activities ran by your awesome floor counselors. For example, Poker nights where the ladies dress up, the men suit up and play some poker games. You win chips and lose chips, and at the end of the night it concludes with "auctioning off" various items. This is always a great night & a night a lot of the campers remember!

Capture the Flag, Color Wars, Your Choice Night (spa treatments, football, basketball, games) are some of the most requested by campers each year. I know as the week goes on, some of you become tired and just want to sleep, but that's why we have floor curfews for you to be inside and be on your floors. To make sure you all get enough sleep so you continue to have fun & can continue with the evening activities and daily activities for the week.

We go off campus one or two times a week, either to the movies (remember to bring money for popcorn), mall or the returning campers favorite Beat Street dance club.

Every Friday night we have “Awards Night” with a twist (i.e. dance party, talent show or combined floor talent show). It’s a night where at the end of the week our tennis and golf campers get presented awards and during the week, counselors are also nominating campers for funny, awesome, helpful awards and Julian Krinsky ‘the man’ himself often presents the awards that night. The night is ended with laughs and lots of group photos with campers and their counselors before those campers go home the next day. A BIG finish for the campers!

For those who stay on more than a week, you get to go on WEEKEND TRIPS with the whole camp! You are given options at the start of the week by your floor counselor and you get to choose from 3 different options for that weekend. New York City, Washington DC, Ocean City, Paintballing, Dorney Park, Six Flags just to name a few options. You leave on Saturday morning and begin your journey to your destination. You spend the whole day of Saturday out (so remember to bring your money for lunch, dinner and for buying gifts for your family). You then return to campus around 8 or 9 in the evening and hangout until it’s time to be on your floors.

On Sundays you get to SLEEP IN (we all love that phrase), brunch and off to your Sunday weekend trip
(Scenic Philadelphia, Baseball, Zoo and Outlet Malls a few of the favorites). Sunday trips are all held within the Philadelphia area. You will return to campus around 4pm. Weekend trips are a great way to build more memories with your new friends, as you scream next to each other on the Rollercoaster or you take selfies in Time Square or Central Park.

On Saturday when you return you may see some new campers around who have just arrived internationally, yet most of the new campers will arrive on Sunday afternoon. Make sure that after your Sunday trip you make them feel welcome, especially if you have a new roommate. My tip (and if you don't feel comfortable doing this ask your counselor to help you out) ask the new campers in your wing and/or roommate to sit with you at dinner on Sunday so you can get to know them more. Plus, you will make new friends quickly. 

This will welcome the new campers and help them out especially if they are nervous about coming, it will also help them settle in and make the rest of their weeks better! There is a reason I return every year and that is for the awesome campers I meet. I love my job and that I get to hang out with campers from all over the world. Each year at JKCP gets better and better.

Still to this day I keep in contact with most of the campers via Facebook and those who are to “old” now to attend, even they turn up during the summer to say hello. So get out of your comfort zone and go into this Summer at JKCP ready to experience all you have imagined!

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