Why Should My Child Take a Mastering Minecraft Summer Course?

Posted by William Hoover on Apr 14, 2016 11:10:42 AM

Lifeskills learned at Minecraft Summer CampYou may ask, what can minecraft classes for kids do to better my child? What can a bunch of colorful pictures on a screen possibly teach them about life? How could it be more than just 3D game design? The basis of minecraft is that the player can build a world of their own and make decisions that change the animated world around them.

Learning Lifeskills from a Minecraft Summer Camp

In our summer minecraft class, middle school students will learn many of the skills that they will later depend on in high school and, more importantly, college. Skills like working in teams, planning before you act, organization, time management, and interpersonal communication are among the many skills that someone playing minecraft can perfect.

  • Working in Teams. Not knowing how to work in a team is an issue that plagues members of high school and college group projects. Without someone who is willing to take the lead and others to share the workload, everything will end up on one person's shoulders. To gain experience in team atmospheres at minecraft summer camp, students will be taking part in numerous projects ranging from a simple gate to a full fortress with traps (stay with me, parents). To allow for more growth, after each project a new leader will be selected for the next one.
  • Planning and Prep. For anyone who has tried to build a porch or fix a roof you know that hours of planning and prep that are necessary before you even buy the wood. The use of a good outline might be the difference between having a finished roof and a small hole. To practice planning, as well as organization and time management, the students will be making an outline of what they plan to build in the creative mode of the game. In this mode, they will find out how much material they will need and about how long they think it will take to find the materials and finish construction. The team to have the most parallel and complex building, including traps and lights, will win a prize at the end of every minecraft camp week.
  • Interpersonal Communication. To be able to complete all of these tasks and construct their own Hanging Garden or Parthenon, students must be able to communicate with others. Unfortunately, this skill does not come easily for everyone. While some are born as social butterflies, some may still need to break out of their shell. With the love for minecraft as the foundation, conversation will flow freely and friendships will sprout in random places.

Minecraft is an amazing game that can teach its players to be great leaders, amazing teammates and excellent communicators, among other important skills. Before you dismiss minecraft as just another video game, think about the skills that are important for your child to learn before high school and college. Through courses like our Mastering Minecraft Summer Course or 3D Game Design, let’s rebuild the idea of learning!

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