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Posted by Steve Robertson on Apr 25, 2018 7:15:00 AM

Pre-College Summer Programs-1.jpgPre-college programs host a range of benefits, particular to the interesting and dynamic group today know as Generation Z. This blog post aims to discuss pre-college programs that we offer over the summer and how they fit in with the needs of someone belonging to Generation Z, and potentially affect their career.

The rise of pre-college programs

Pre-college programs have been growing tremendously in variety of course as well as where you can attend these programs. We’ve seen so many students and parents alike growing increasingly more excited about all the options that students now have – that they may not have had before. 

So who is Generation Z?

These are youth that were born in 1996 or later and have very unique attributes, personalities, interests and likes; different from any other generation. It is crucial that we as a business start listening to the needs of this unique group of people and tailoring our programs accordingly, which is exactly what we are doing.

Statistics say that 76% of Generation Z want to transform their hobbies into full-time jobs. This group of multi-skilled individuals not looking to attend college and rush into any old job; they want to turn to something that they really and truly enjoy, and make a career out of it. That could be anything from cooking to coding to E-sports, and there are some really non-traditional career paths out there that Generation Z is getting excited about. We offer a number of pre-college programs that assist Generation Z specifically in deciding where their passion lies and what they might like to pursue as a career.

The importance of pre-college programs

Pre-college programs are growing increasingly important, especially with the rapid rise of technology. Colleen Robertson, part of the Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs team, has a daughter currently in college and a son who has just graduated college and she agrees that finding what you are passionate about and turning it into a career is a must for this generation. Colleen: “It was so valuable for my kids to dip into a number of different pre-college programs and experiences to set them on a path that is more deliberate when they went off to college.”

Pre-college programs give you the opportunity to dive into different career paths and see how you feel about it; it shows you firsthand on what it could be like in the industry. This kind of knowledge can later help you during your studies: to tailor your subjects and end up in a career you are good at and more importantly – a career you are passionate about. 

There are many ways to go about summer experiences and studying that are not traditional but are beneficial – and fun at the same time. At JKCP we have a wide variety of programs on offer and certainly are not excluding students who have already decided their career path: we have programs dedicated to those students, with summer program material specifically dedicated to one subject, such as medicine, business and arts.

Why the Enrichment program is beneficial to Generation Z

We also have a program called our Enrichment Program which is really and truly geared towards Generation Z. Its flexible: Generation Z want to work when they want to work, they want to study what they want to study, they want to be able to change topics and change classes as they feel necessary. Our Enrichment program is flexible enough to allow those students to do that. What’s great about it is that the students can determine for themselves how deep they want to explore a topic and how much time they want to spend on a particular topic, before they maybe move off and try something different. Or if they enjoy it, they can stay with it and explore it on a deeper level.

That’s the trend we’re seeing and that’s how we’ve structured our Enrichment Program. Our curriculum is designed over the course of three weeks giving them the time to be flexible. The program is also aided to different ability levels. You can be a beginner trying something for the first time, or you can already have some experience or skill and take it to the next level.

A day in the life of the Enrichment program 

Let’s talk about a day in the life of Enrichment and what the Enrichment program is all about. It runs in one week sessions making it easy to fit into any summer schedule. Generation Z doesn’t want to be bound to one thing for the summer – they need time to experience other things as well, such as summer internships and fun activities. Not only do we offer a very wide variety of classes, but some of these classes are super ‘out there’ and interesting, really assisting those from Generation Z who want to turn their hobbies into a career.

Here’s how the Enrichment program works: during your one week session you pick a morning class and an afternoon class, and you stick with those classes throughout the week. For example – you can pick robotics in the morning and a YouTube Influencer class in the afternoon. This gives you five days of workshops and class. You start with the basics and then grow that knowledge through the rest of the week. A lot of the classes are project based – for example in music you may produce some music. But no matter what, at the end of the week you’ll look back on a fun, enjoyable and academic week.

Technology is an integral part of Summer at JKCP

All of our classes are ‘cool’ in the sense that they all offer and encourage technology, and not many programs offer that. We understand that technology is a vital part of any young persons’ life now and we try incorporate technology, like cellphones, in classes in an interactive and meaningful way that encourages sharing. Another slice of reality is that 90% of Generation Z would be upset to lose their internet connection. We understand that the internet is a vital part of learning and already an integrated tool in the life of Generation Z.

In summary, Generation Z are a group of highly adaptable, curious and passionate young people that need to be given the freedom to explore and make informed decisions before heading off to college. JKCP encourages their desired style of learning and all our programs are tailored specifically to their needs, often based on real facts and statistics, as well as learnings from previous years. To find out more about our various programs, please visit


  • Pre-college programs host a range of benefits
  • Generation Z are youth that were born in in 1996 or later
  • Statistics say 76% of Generation Z want to transform their hobbies into careers
  • Pre-college programs give you the opportunity to dive into different career paths and see how you feel about it
  • 90% of Generation Z would be upset to lose their internet connection

Questions and Answers

Q: Would the JKCP Pre-Med class be good for nursing?

A: The Penn Medicine Summer program has a good mix of practical as well as theory in the classes. Its designed in a three week stretch so you don’t repeat any activities or any theory. There are a lot of dissections, practical’s as well as theory and learning about different fields of medicine. It isn’t nursing specific but applicable to medicine and any angle you’re approaching it with; it’s very comprehensive.

Q: What are the benefits of attending a pre-college program and do pre-college programs help you get into college?

A: The greatest benefit is that it will give you an experience and it will give you some idea if the field of study you are interested in is something you truly want to pursue, put money towards and study further at a college; it really gives you a step up. Not only that but our pre-college programs are actually on college campuses so you get the full college experience: living in a dormitory, eating at a dining facility, having independence to walk to class; the full college experience within a controlled and safe environment. 

Q: How old should you be to attend a pre-college program?

A: JKCP accepts students from ages 10 to 18. Our 10 to 14 year old students are part of our Xploration program, and our 14 – 18 year old students are part of our Enrichment program, unless you apply to a subject specific program at the University of Pennsylvania. It may sound crazy for a 10 year old student to be attending a pre-college program but the truth is  you are never too young to start exploring your interests and passions. And that’s why the subject matter is much broader for our young students: they get a general sense of what it’s like to work in various different fields. Our younger students attend classes that are slightly shorter in length but allows all students the opportunity to be part of a collaboration lab, which encourages working together, with the goal of solving puzzles and working on in teams for a set period of time a day. It’s a great opportunity for socializing and making friends as well.

Q: My son is interested in your E-Sports program for the summer and is interested in it as a career. What are the pre-college benefits to this program and what skills will my child learn outside of playing video games?

A: This is a brand new program and 2018 will be the first year of E-Sports at JKCP. It’s about video games, the industry and business of video games. Major TV networks, like ESPN, have begun broadcasting E-Sports tournaments and we realized that there are so many kids from Generation Z that are playing these games, interested in these games and possibly wanting to turn this from a hobby to a career; JKCP is here to help facilitate that. The program helps increase your skill level in some of the games out there, but more importantly, the E-Sports program will help broaden your perspective of a career in E-Sports. You play the games, learn the strategy, learn the maps, how to broadcast yourself, and how to put yourself on YouTube and important streaming sites. Professional gaming is a huge revenue generator these days: gamers, investors, lawyers, nutritionists, trainers, and marketing; so many different career paths to follow within E-Sports. It is a two-week program in partnership with a gaming company called Nerd Street Gamers. The students actually have the opportunity to play at the Nerd Street facility and within the Gaming Arena.

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