Middle School CEO: Preston Ferraiulo Takes on the Entrepreneur Summer Camp

Posted by Tara Tomasko on Jan 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Preston at the Entrepreneur summer campNot many 11 year olds have business cards and personalized pens, but not many are like Preston Ferraiulo either. Preston is advanced for his age in the sense that he already knows what he wants to do when he grows up. He takes every opportunity he gets to learn something new to further himself and his future career, and that is why he attended Xploration’s summer business camps for kids this past summer.

JKCP: How did you hear about Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs' Entrepreneur Summer Camp?
Preston: I was online researching camps and programs for middle school age kids and I found that there was a lot of them and Julian Krinsky caught my attention.
JKCP: What has been your favorite part about taking the business class?
Preston: Probably that you’re just your own CEO. You use your imagination and you can really do whatever business you want to do.
JKCP: Can you talk a little bit about the company and the business that you started to grow in the business class?  
Preston: I created an eco-friendly hotel overlooking Central Park. I actually looked at real estate websites and found a plot of land at 1 East 57th Street, also known as the Louis Vuitton Building; It has a Louis Vuitton store in the lobby. And I added everything that I would need to the hotel, including eco-friendly things like solar panels and wind panels, as well as the pools and restaurants; so I needed a good $300 million. So what I did is then I created a letter to write to the bank for a loan for $9 million and then I pretended that I had private investors to take care of the rest.
JKCP: Have you ever done anything like this before?
Preston: No, not at all.
JKCP: What is your ultimate goal for a career?
Preston: I actually want to be the CEO and president of my own hotel company.
JKCP: What inspired you to make the hotel eco-friendly?
Preston: Well, I travel a lot. I’ve been to many places across the country and the world. I usually stay at Marriotts and Hiltons and the big name brands. They don’t even have a full eco-friendly chain or are 100% eco-friendly, and I just thought, “What’s going to happen to our beautiful planet Earth. We need an eco-friendly hotel.”
JKCP: Why do you think it’s important for people to be sustainable and eco-friendly and to care about the earth?
Preston: Well what’s going to happen to the earth if we just use plastic bags constantly? And it’s so much emissions, it’s really like the earth is going to become one big giant Venus.
JKCP: If someone asked you your opinion about Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, would you recommend other students coming here?
Preston: Yes, I would definitely recommend Julian Krinsky. It was good and they have plenty of other great courses other than the business course too.

While Preston already knew he wanted to become a CEO of a hotel chain, the skills he learned in the business summer class for middle school students allowed him an inside look into what it will take to get there. He now has a blueprint map of the steps to owning and operating his own business, which is something he did not know prior to attending the entrepreneur summer camp. When he is not thinking about the next steps to his future career he enjoys reading, watching the news, and admires Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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