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Posted by Nathan Sandercock on Feb 27, 2014 10:29:00 AM

My name is Nathan Sandercock. I am 24 years old, born and raised in Australia, and yet I am currently living in the states following my dreams and passions, and I have JKCP to thank for that. I am about to work my 4th JKCP and I am thrilled to return for another great year with the kids and staff. 
But first, let’s rewind 4 years to when I first began.
2011 was my first summer working for JKCP. I quit my fulltime job in Australia, and then my friend Erin and I began our 22 hour flight to the states. It was the first time I have ever left Australia and the first time I had ever been on a plane for that long (…did I mention I HATE flying?) So our flight over couldn’t have been any worse with delay after delay, lost baggage and sleeping on the floor of JFK Airport – WELCOME TO AMERICA!

We then made our way to Philadelphia; I went to my room and got comfortable before I began meeting more staff members. I remember being ‘made welcome’ and just felt comfortable from the first day: that this was a safe place and a place of fun. That week we began leadership training before the kids arrived and team bonding began.

I should say I was placed at the Senior Campus working with kids 13-17 years old. We then began decorating the dorms, going over registration details, preparing after activities and getting ready before the kids came. When the kids and parents arrived I wanted to welcome them the way I was welcomed to JKCP. I wanted to reflect that with the kids and their parents. I don’t have kids (lol) but I sort of understand the amount of trust that parents place in JKCP and the staff, to ensure their kids are SAFE and ensure their kids have FUN and after doing this camp for 3 years I can honestly guarantee that SAFETY is the main key, yet its quickly followed by FUN.

There are so many awesome things about my job working as a counsellor for JKCP. Here are just a few highlights over the years. We get to live with the kids on the floor and get to influence their lives, just as they influence our lives. We have floor meetings with the kids to keep them updated with daily routines and activities, and we get to bond with kids and create friendships. The kids are from all over the world as well as USA and they all bring a different vibe, each have their own personality and it’s great to connect with kids this way.

I don’t know of many jobs that on the weekend you go Paintballing, Washington DC, NYC or 6 Flags/Dorney Park with the kids. One - what kid doesn’t want to go to these places over summer break and Two - which adult doesn’t want to go travelling and see the sights and go to theme parks as part of your job? It is a great way to get to know the kids better, some kids don’t want to “hang out” with the staff all day, but most of the kids it doesn't bother them. I have several experiences when I have been on rides with kids, spent the whole day in Dorney Park chilling with some kids or walked them around NYC to show them places. A true friendship has been created and a great level of respect and trust has also been created from that also.

Is this job full on? YES.

Is it worth leaving my other job every year to return? YES.

Do you get rewards? YES.

Your rewards are the friendships you make with staff from all over the world. You are open to an experience like no other. You are rewarded with the smiles, tears from the kids as they leave camp and ask if you will be returning next year. Kids who are now “too old” to return to camp still, message me and ask if they can turn up during the day to say hello to the staff.

Working for Julian Krinsky is seriously the best decision I have ever made and will continue to make. I love working with people from all over the world and getting to hang out with kids as part of my job.
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Julian Krinsky – Everything You Imagine. He couldn't be more right!

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