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Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Mar 25, 2014 12:57:00 PM

Julian Krinsky teaching Tennis

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs is proud to offer customized summer programs in golf, pre-college academics, enrichment, business, fitness, internships, cooking, the arts and more, but it's important to recognize your roots. 37 years ago, all we offered was Tennis! To this day, we have the finest tennis program available, with top pros from all over the world. While we have pioneered program after program, one thing has remained the same - we are the premiere tennis camp in the US, and we're still getting better!

This summer, we are launching a brand new Tennis program format, rethinking the way that tennis training works. Traditional tennis programs have a great player to pro ratio, great instruction and matchplay. Those three components make tennis camp what it is. Now, what we have added is choice!

At JKCP School of Tennis, we start with choice, giving our players a chance to place themselves in a level that best suits their desires and aspirations. 

JKCP Tennis Levels:

  1. Tennis for Fun: Tennis is a sport to play for a lifetime.  Be part of it! Have fun, learn new skills and be with like-minded kids.
  2. Tennis for Improvement: Smarter.  Faster.  Improved.  Go further with your game.  It’s possible!  You’re ready to get better.
  3. Tennis to Win: It’s time to be a titan, step up your training and analyze what triggers you.  Amp up your game and have a break-through season!
  4. Tennis for College: It’s an achievable dream.  The message is out: we’re serving up real results and helping players reach the college level!

Check out a typical day at JKCP School of Tennis! Match the below schedule against other popular Tennis programs and you will see one major difference - concentrations!

Typical Day at JKCP:

9:30 – Warm-up
9:45 – Core Tennis Programming
12:30 – Lunch
**1:30 – Concentrations**
4:00-5:30 – Afternoon activities period. Go for a private lesson or cross-training session.

In 2014, players will have a chance to choose a different drill, skill or aspect of their game to improve on a daily basis. Through our new Concentration courses, players will be able to choose skills like serving, tactical training, conditioning, matchplay, footwork and more to focus on each day. Whether you need to work on a specific part of your game or just enjoy it, players will customize their schedule daily. To see the concentration options, check out out our Tennis Camp website.

After 35 years, it’s clear that Julian Krinsky knows tennis.  Now you can experience our newest innovation: four levels of tennis with personalized elective classes you choose.

See the difference JKST will make in your game.

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