JKCP 40th Anniversary

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Julian Krinsky takes a look back at how JKCP has evolved over the last 40 years. What started as a tennis camp in his backyard, Julian quickly realized that his students enjoyed learning a lot more than just tennis.  He added golf to his course offerings. Each year he talked to the students, learned about what they were interested in, what they enjoyed doing and added programs based on their feedback. Fast forward to today and Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs has grown based on the student's feedback. It evolved from sports for a lifetime to teaching skills for a lifetime: business, cooking, fashion, and much more. JKCP now offers over 25 unique summer programs on 4 different college campuses!



How JKCP Continues to Evolve

Continuing Julian's approach to how to add new programming, each year we continue to listen to students and parents about what programs are most important to them. Sarah, Chief Marketing Officer, at JKCP feels this approach is the best way to know that our programs are not only fun, but also beneficial for the students in the long-term, "We get a tremendous amount of feedback from students and parents telling us how what they studied at JKCP way back when they were 13, 14, or 15 years old, how that really impacted their college major, their college choice or even their future career.  Hear more from Sarah about how JKCP continues to evolve: 

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If you’ve met Julian, he’s probably asked you “howzit?” A friendly, South African greeting meaning hello, how are you, what are you up to? On our blog, we’ll share how we’re doing and hope you’ll do the same. So…howzit? 

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