JK Stories: My First Week at JKCP Golf Camp And Why I Stayed Longer

Posted by Laurent Span on Feb 21, 2014 10:02:00 AM

What I took away from my first week at JKCP was that I knew I wanted to stay longer. I was so enthralled with the program, loved the golf coaches and instantly had a personal connection with everyone. I am Laurent Span, a 14 year old golfer and I attended JK for the first time in the Summer of 2011. My days at JK are ones to be remembered and that’s why I felt the need to share my stories with you all. My stories at JK range from weekend trips to nights in the dorm and Monday night camp-wide trip to ice cream with Julian. So, let’s start off small. summer golf camp at jkcp

The first story that I vividly remember from JK was from my first year there in 2011. My first weekend trip with JKCP, destination: Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. That was probably one of the most exciting summer camp trips I have ever been on. The day was perfect, 75 degrees, there with new people I had just met and we were there all day. Talk about some serious fun, we were in water park heaven. The best part about this weekend trip to Dorney was that we were allowed to be "free". Free in a sense that you could go on any ride that you wanted to as long as you were in groups larger than two yet you always had to meet back at the "base" periodically to check in and make sure everyone was accounted for. It was probably the most fun I have had at a summer camp trip in a single day. Even the bus ride back to camp was fun, from recounting every moment at the water park to looking at pictures taken at the waterpark. It was a very wet and enjoyable day.

I have so many stories from JK that I can't wait to share so be on the lookout for a few more stories, some interesting posts and posts about whatever is on my mind about JK. I'm telling you, it’s a great camp.

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