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Posted by Laurent Span on Mar 14, 2014 5:30:00 PM


This post is for any junior golfers that are still deciding on whether to come to Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs for a golf camp experience. Let me just say that JKCP was probably the most productive environment conducive to learning more about the game of golf than any other golf camp. 

What I learned from my first week at Julian Krinsky School of Golf was that a typical golf day was not consistent throughout my duration at camp. Every day was different in a good sense! We would never play the same golf course in one week, we would eat lunch at a different spot every day and a vast majority of us would not shoot the same score every day.

Usually, we would leave the cafeteria around eight o'clock in the morning and make our way back to the dorms to get our clubs and head to the meeting spot in the morning to assemble into our golf groups (they were revised weekly). Our groups were based on skill level solely to ensure that the pairings were in everyone’s favor. Once we were in our groups, we would head out to our course and start off small. Usually break into even smaller groups and work on short game and long game in a rotation. What I liked most about JK School of Golf was how personal the coaches were. The coaches really took their time in explaining a certain correction or when teaching new material. The foundation that we were provided will only allow us to continue grow.

After our small warm-ups and specified work on the practice facility, we would play anywhere from 9-15 holes and occasionally get lucky and get a full round in. My favorite course that we played on was Ravensclaw for one particular reason: the third hole. A long par 3, over water, no trees yet a wide and shallow green. It usually called for a nice 6 or 7 iron depending on the wind but hitting that green is no easy task. Imagine this: a wide shallow green that looks extremely inviting, a full carry over a large lake and a rear center bunker taking out long shots. Still sound easy to hit? Then add in some 20 mile an hour winds and that green is almost impossible. There are no trees, open air almost like a links style hole. All carry. That is my favorite hole on that golf course. It poses a challenge and that hole acts like a foreshadowing clue to me. It's letting the golfer know that a challenge lies ahead for the next 15 holes to come. Or if you’re a chicken, the next 6.

After our round, we would usually stop by a restaurant, or the golf courses' clubhouse for a bite then head back to camp. On days we played at McCall, Ravens Claw, and other golf courses, with extensive clubhouses, we would eat there before our playing lesson. All in all, a day at the JK’s golf camp is revolutionary, exciting, fun and a great experience. I think that’s a lot of information to take in, so be on the lookout for some more information to come soon.


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