JK Spotlight: a look at the summer Business Program with daniel Meadvin

Posted by Tara Tomasko on Nov 6, 2015 10:27:29 AM

An inside look at the jk summer business program from a former studentDaniel Meadvin, a student at the two week, Julian Krinsky summer business program has spent the past four summers at JKCP. Daniel has continued returning each summer because he appreciates that JKCP is not a 'traditional camp.' “It’s nice that there are so many options to try different things that aren’t typical at most other camps and you have the ability to pick and choose activities.” This past summer Daniel took part in the JK Business School summer program and we talked to him all about it:

JKCP: What got you interested in the two week summer Business Program?

Daniel: I hope to someday become an entrepreneur and my parents wanted me to try something different this summer. I suggested ‘why don’t I go back to JKCP and I’ll do overnight’. Once I saw that there was the overnight summer business camp we thought it would be great because I am really interested in business.

JKCP: What was your favorite part of the program?

Daniel: I really enjoyed when Julian would come in and talk to us. We were able to pick his brain about this or that.

JKCP: Who did you learn the most from?

Daniel: When Steve Robertson (CEO of JKCP) came in to speak with us about interviewing. It gave me a good view on how to prepare myself for an interview and what to look for as an interviewer.

JKCP: In the summer business program you did a “Shark Tank” like presentation, what was your business idea?

Daniel: My business idea was an application called ‘Conch’ and it’s a mobile security panic alarm. It’s a really quick and discreet way to alert the authorities to one’s location, you know, more quickly and efficiently, and, also, if somebody is walking up to you and you’re afraid they’re going to attack you, you’re not gonna whip out your cell phone and call 9-1-1. You’re gonna want to open it up, tap a button, and be done.

Julian visits the summer business camp class

JKCP: How did you come up with this idea?

Daniel: We had brainstorming sessions, and I tried to focus on a problem that people have which often times can be security issues.

JKCP: What does Conch stand for?

Daniel: So ‘Conch,’ it’s short for ‘conch horn’ and in ancient times they would use conch horns, a conch is a sea shell, and they would use it as a horn to alert one another. It could be a battle cry, or just an alert, so I thought that would be a cool name.

JKCP: What would you need to do to take your idea to the next level?
Daniel: I would have to do more research, create a longer more detailed business plan and then take it to investors.

Daniel enjoyed the field trips and speaking with Julian on a one-on-one basis and definitely recommends the summer camp to other students!

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