Inventions That Don't Exist... Yet!

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Apr 7, 2014 11:31:00 AM

A few amazing things that were posted recently have got me thinking about what kind of life-changing ideas can come out of our Engineering and Robotics program this summer? The first was BuzzFeed's article titled, "26 Products You Can't Believe Don't Exist Yet." In this article, the author shared some of the most basic ideas that simply do not exist. Some of my favorites were:

Imagine printing without ink, or even electricity!

This paper tanner would act as a printer, but without using any ink or electricity. It really could be the new age of printing. Who will be the first to invent it?



Recycle Chalk with this amazing machine

We live in a world that hates to waste, and that is a great thing! This fancy contraption takes the chalkdust that sits on the rack at the bottom of a chalkboard and uses it to make new chalk. What an idea!



Do your laundry without doing your laundry

 How cool would it be if your hamper washed your clothes for you without you having to do anything but throw your clothes inside. I dont know about you, but I would love that!



The Cloud Couch makes you feel like you are floating

The Cloud Couch uses giant magnets to simulate the act of floating on a cloud. Not exactly a necessary invention, but definitely a cool one!


As I sifted through these ideas, I was reminded of another video that just surfaced this past week advertising the latest fake invention to hit the made up market. While it is not real, it did make an appearance in the" Back to the Future" movies. Enjoy the HUVr:




Which of these made up inventions will be created first? More importantly, which JKCP Engineering and Robotics Student will create it? This year, we are excited to get back to work. Last summer, our students created a hovercraft, a robotic hand and more. This summer, we are excited to take Engineering and Robotics to the next level. Join us for Xploration or Enrichment and enroll in Engineering and Robotics today!
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