Introducing The Residential Directors At JKCP For The 2014 Summer

Posted by Jamie Calvario on Jun 13, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Summertime at JKCP is right around the corner. A lot is running through the heads of students coming to JKCP this summer and same with parents sending their child to JKCP. One thing going through everyone's brain is "who will I meet this summer at JKCP?" We cannont tell you everyone you will specifically be meeting this summer but what we can tell is who your residential directors will be during your time. Now without further ado here is the starting line of the 2014 JKCP Residential Directors Team:




Haverford Residential Director: Zach Roth

From a student to a residential counselor to a program director, JKCP has been part of Zach’s summer plans since he was four years old. Zach is from Westchester, New York. He studied Communications and Sports Broadcasting at Quinnipiac University and has a background in theater and performing. While Zach was an actor when he was a child, today he uses those skills to keep a straight face as a part-time professional poker player.







Villanova Residential Director: Erin Bubb

Erin Bubb is an elementary school teacher in Australia during the school year, which is currently going on, but she has taken leave from her position just to join us again for her sixth year. Erin also runs a business where she provides Speech and Drama classes for students.  She also enjoys performing in amateur theatre.







Penn Residential Director: Ashley Montgomery

Ashley is originally from Scotland. She is a Physical Education teacher at Dunblane High School and has completed her Masters in Education. She has been a High School PE teacher for six years and worked with JKCP for nine summers! She loves all things sports and is looking forward to leading the running group this summer.








LBW East Residential Director: Jordan Solomon

Jordan Solomon is a native Philadelphian and has also lived in Boston and Italy. Jordan is currently an administrator and teacher for the School District of Philadelphia, a position he has held for six years. Jordan holds a bachelors degree in education from Temple University and a Masters of School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.  Jordan spends his free time performing classical music and racing automobiles. Jordan has been with JKCP for four summers.




LBW West Residential Director: Jessica MacLeod

Jessica Lee MacLeod is from Long Island, New York and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the past three years, she has worked at Penn in the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life. In her current role at Penn, Jessica manages a college preparatory program for high school students. She graduated from Smith College cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa and earned her master's degree in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Jessica also spent a year studying abroad at University College London, where her squash team took first place in their league. In addition to squash, Jessica enjoys tennis, skiing, traveling, and reading. She looks forward to a productive summer with the Leadership in the Business World students.





WSBA Residential Director: Sheila Conlan DSC_7400.jpg

Sheila is originally from Hopewell, NJ but will be moving to Portland, Maine in August. She is a teacher returning from a year abroad in Madrid, Spain working at a bilingual school and traveling to various European countries. Sheila loves exploring new cultures and languages, hiking, working with young people, the outdoors and playing sports. Her favorite sport is ultimate frisbee. She has played ultimate in the US, Europe and South America. This will be her fifth year at JKCP and her third year as WSBA director. She is very much looking forward to returning, as WSBA is her favorite program! 

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