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Posted by Brenda Ronan on Jul 30, 2019 4:24:00 PM

Most successful businesses start from one great idea – it is an idea with widespread appeal, that can solve a problem many people have and make their lives easier. Often, in today’s technologically advanced age, the product is some type of App for mobile devices. For example, think about how much easier social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have made it to keep in touch with your friends!

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But, there is a huge difference between having a good idea and a good App. Most people with a great idea don’t take the next step to actually make their reality. Don’t be that person! Learn how to actually create the application that you have been thinking about!

What is App Development?

Every time you hop onto your phone to Snap your friends or check out your Instagram, you are using an application – it is a program that can be run on an operating platform, such as Android or Apple’s IOS. Like a computer program, web page, or video game, they work because there is underlying software that was programmed – this is literally in another language – a coding language such as Java or C++.

The process of developing an app spans from the idea until the final product. In between, there are a lot of steps, such as planning and designing, and, of course, coding the software itself.

Never underestimate the importance of good design!

Learning how to design a great App is deeper than just cosmetics – it also includes organizing content and designing the user interface. Since this governs how the user will interact with the application, it can have a huge impact on user experience and the overall impression the app leaves.

One helpful way to plan out the app is wireframing. This is essentially a high-level depiction of what would be included in the app and how it would function. It serves as a guide so everyone involved is on the same page and has the same goals.

Why we think it is a great idea for middle schoolers to learn App Coding Basics:

  • As Steve Jobs once said, programming makes you think! Learning to design and code an application forces kids to think critically and learn to work through problems. Like all good learning experiences, sometimes coders will fail – but often this is where students learn the most.
  • Expand Career prospects – while we don’t believe that middle schoolers need to peg down exactly ‘what they want to be when they grow up,’ it certainly doesn’t hurt to start learning about different careers and options as soon as possible. Jobs in coding are in high demand and gaining experience while young can set you on a path to future success.
  • Most importantly, it’s fun! Building your first App can bring such a sense of pride and accomplishment. Once you start to get the hang of coding, some of the initial frustration starts to fade and it becomes truly enjoyable.
  • Learning to develop an app is a great way for students to get their feet wet and see if programming is something they enjoy. If they love it, this can be a great way to start learning to code, giving them the great advantage of starting the learning process young. As students start to learn more, they will be able to expand the languages and skills well beyond the basics.

How to get Middle Schoolers into App Development:

We aren’t going to say that learning to code is incredibly easy, or guarantee you that your App will generate millions of dollars in income. But, we do believe that learning to code can be not only a great skill to have in today’s technologically driven age, but also fun!

There are online resources that can help you learn to code an application. However, if you are brand new to coding, going it alone can leave you confused, frustrated, and burned out. Creating your own app can be challenging, but it can be fun and informative too!

The best way to learn is to work in a small classroom setting with a professional instructor that can work with you; they will understand the goal of your application and help teach you how to bring it to life. This type of hands-on support can ensure students have the flexibility to work on their passion projects while also learning all of the principles that will help them succeed.

Intro to App Development class at JKCP Xploration

About Xploration

JKCP's summer camp for middle schoolers is designed to help students find something they love. There are over 30 classes students can choose from each week. You can combine science and fashion, art and soccer, robotics and coding, cooking and DJ or choose from dozens of other combinations. Students can explore new subjects or dive deep into something they already love; the options are unlimited! Learn more about our Residential Camp or Day Camp

About Intro To App Development Summer Class

As part of our Xploration program for middle schoolers, JKCP offers a class to provide students with the basics of developing an App. In this course, students will design and build Android apps using MIT App Inventor 2. The course will provide instruction on best-practice design principles, functions of the platform and how to smoothly work through the entire process. This allows students to walk away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of App creation. Whether you plan on creating your own app and hitting it big like Snap’s Even Spiegel or helping build and design other people’s great ideas, this course can get you on your way!

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