How to Experience College Life Before It Begins: College Camps For High School Students

Posted by Joshua Block on May 11, 2016 5:04:00 PM

Summer_Pre-College_Camp_at_Villanova.jpgHave you ever wondered what college is like? Who your roommate will be? How you’ll get around campus without getting lost? Summer is a great time to test the waters and get your feet wet. Many pre-college summer camps offer a college campus experience, one that will prove both valuable and exciting.

What to Expect at a Pre-College Summer Camp

Meet Your New Roomate. It all begins when you arrive on campus and check in. You receive your dorm room assignment along with a key or combination. This is very similar to the process that takes place when you attend orientation week as a freshman. Once in your room, you finally see the name of your roommate and likely get to meet them soon. As in college, your roommate is the person you live with, and often, a person you can call a friend early on. Attending summer pre college programs for high school students is the perfect time to learn what it’s like to live with a roommate, someone you don’t know well. Earlier, I used the word valuable to describe the summer pre-college experience on a college campus, and this is the first of many valuable lessons you can expect to learn over the summer.

Getting to Your Classes. Once settled into your room, it’s time to think about your activities and courses. Pre-college summer camps on college campuses offer an amplified level of independence in this respect. Typically, you select most of the activities or courses you are going to participate in. They’re located in buildings on campus, some further than others, from your dorm. This equates closely to selecting courses during your freshman year of college. Though your summer instructors may lead you to class the first day or two of the session, you’ll surely have the opportunity to navigate campus with a few friends later on. In doing this, you’ll prepare yourself for college, where it’s essential to arrive to the assigned building at the assigned time for classes.

Check Out the Dining Hall. At this point, you have met your roommate, learned about your courses and are getting a bit hungry! Meals on campus are served in the dining hall. You’ll feel just like a college student choosing from a variety of meal options from the salad bar to pizza to the special entree of the day. You make your own selections and learn to find things that you like. Even picky eaters can find something that satisfies them!

To see what it's like, check out a video of a Typical Day at JKCP summer pre-college camp. Summer is a time to try new things, step out of your comfort zone and let your true self shine. All of these can be accomplished at a college camp or summer pre-college program for high school students, and when you pair the experience with a taste of campus life, you are in for an unforgettable summer of fun, learning, and growth. Whether you’re in middle or high school, now’s a great time to think about college, so find a great pre-college summer camp and soak in all it has to offer!

JKCP offers many different pre-college experiences at Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania.  To see all JKCP has to offer, start here!

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