How To Stay In Touch After Camp

Posted by Tara Tomasko on Aug 28, 2015 1:00:59 PM

Do you have the post-camp blues? Missing your new bestie from the summer? Are you longing for those late night talks, inside jokes, and happy times? We get it, leaving your new friends you met at camp can be difficult but you don’t have to lose touch! Here are some ways you can still remain in constant contact with your new friends; it will be just like you were at camp.Stay In Touch With Summer Camp Friends

  • Postcards - What a better way to keep in touch than postcards or letters! While it may seem old school, it can be a cool way to show your friend where you live and be a great keepsake. Get creative and make your own custom postcard by using memorable photos you took together as the front design. Walgreens and Tinyprints have good options for custom postcards.

  • Social Media - From old school to new school, social media allows you stay in touch with your new friends 24/7! Different social media outlets allow you to keep tabs with your friends. Use Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch daily, Instagram for special occasions, and Snapchat for silly pics you want to send to them. Don’t forget to keep to connect with us on social media either!

  • Video Chatting - Missing your friend’s smiling face, take advantage of video chatting. Whether you use Facetime, OoVoo, or Skype there are plenty of video chatting softwares and apps you can utilize to talk face-to-face with your friends. It will be like you never left camp!

  • Vacation Spot - The best part of having a new friend in a different city or country is you can plan your next vacation to spend time with them. You will have your own personal tour guide! Start talking about logistics of planning your vacation and what you want to do when you visit.

  • JKCP Reunion - Want to relive the awesome experience you had this past year at JKCP? Come back and do it again! Coordinate the weeks you both are able to attend JKCP the following year and make it happen!

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