How To Get Better Grades In Middle School

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Do middle school grades matter?

In most cases yes, especially when you are applying to a private high school after middle school. They also matter because they help you assess and develop some useful skills that you will apply later in high school and college.

Actually, middle school academic performance is becoming more and more important in the United States, especially as you’re preparing for the high school transition. The reason is that many core courses taught in high school, such as algebra 1 and foreign languages, begin in middle school, so getting a high GPA is a good indication at this level.


What is a good GPA in middle school?

In most cases, it is at the very least a 3.0. The cumulative GPA (CGPA) is calculated by dividing all of a student's total earned points by the possible number of points.

In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to get good grades in middle school. These tips can really go a long way, especially if you’re aiming higher into that 3.5 to 4.0 range. Of course, there is no magic potion and there will be some hard work involved.

How To Get Better Grades in Middle School

1. Get a weekly planner

Buy a planning notebook or install a planning app and write down your daily tasks and to-do lists, such as homework, chores, and social obligations. Additionally, write down important dates such as holidays, birthdays, and school events.

2. Get separate folders for papers on each subject that you are studying

Once every week or two weeks, go through your papers and recycle the ones that you do not need anymore.

3. Get to know your teachers

In elementary school, you probably had one classroom teacher, whereas in middle school you will have several teachers. Your grades in school will be better if you feel comfortable talking with your teachers. Greet a teacher when you enter the classroom and say goodbye when you leave it.

4. Participate in class discussions

Ask questions and answer questions that your teacher asks. Shy students can challenge themselves to raise a hand at least once during a class. Active participation is one of the ways to get better grades in middle school.

5. Turn your homework into a pleasant routine

Homework is not always a pleasant thing, but if you do it at a clean and pleasant place that you like, it will be less exhausting. Besides, you can get into a habit of doing your homework at the same time every day. For example, you may come home, relax for half an hour, and then start your homework. Or you may have more energy to do homework in the evening. Decide for yourself which time works better for you.

6. Break down your work time

Plan short 15-minute breaks after each hour, or another time period during which you can concentrate better. Be totally focused when you work. Avoid any distractions and leave them for a break time. During your breaks, stand up and move around.

7. Break down your study material into small chunks

For example, if you are studying for an exam, do not leave everything for the last day. Start studying as early as possible and process a small part of information every day for one hour or so. Have a rest on a final night before the exam, so your brain will process the information while you will be sleeping. This will guarantee that you will get your grades up fast in middle school.

8. Plan big tasks in advance

In middle school, you will have to write some research papers or give presentations, and these assignments will require quite a lot of time. In order not to miss anything, create milestones for each stage of your work, such as visiting the library/browsing the web, outlining the draft, filling the draft with content, and making final adjustments. You can either write down those milestones in your planner or add reminders to your scheduling app or Google calendar.

9. Do not hesitate to get help

If you feel that you are getting lost in some subjects, ask your parents for help. They can either get you a tutor or send you to a summer camp, such as JKCP enrichment camps. For example, the exciting 7-day Xploration program allows the middle school students to choose two subjects (tracks) that interest them most and get immersed in those subjects on a daily basis.

10. Make friends

Having friends has a positive impact on your passing grade in middle school. If you feel totally isolated at school, you will have more trouble focusing in class, and it will be more difficult for you to get straight A's in middle school. One of the ways to meet new people is to participate in extracurricular activities after school or attend a summer camp like the ones offered at JKCP. We promise that you will not only improve your school grades but also meet a lot of new people, and these new connections will make you feel more confident, safe and happy.

11. Join a sports team

Exercise improves academic performance. It is also a way to make new friends. You can join a sports team in your school or participate in one of JKCP’s summer sports camps such as tennis or golf. Actually, just exercising during your breaks while studying will also help.

12. Try to eat healthy

Do not miss the main meals – eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid fast food and bring healthy snacks to school in order to get some “fuel” between the main meals. Eat protein and healthy fats, such as meat and fish, as well as vegetables. Drink a lot of water.

13. Get enough sleep

Try to go to bed at the same time every night and sleep for at least 8 hours.


Now you know how to get good grades in middle school

If you need help, consider JKCP camps and inform your parents about our programs. We have the following activities (tracks) available in our Xploration program for middle school students: science, technology, engineering, art and more.

These programs can go a long way into helping middle school students become more engaged in their education and work toward improving their grades.

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