How To Get Better Grades in High School

Posted by Sarah Ohanesian on Jul 17, 2018 2:34:00 PM

Doing well in high school can have so many benefits for your life in the long run. Getting better grades in middle school is one thing, but to get into the colleges you want, it’s important to get good grades in high school grades.

Besides, your academic achievement is a major factor when you’re trying to win competitive scholarships.

If you do not feel confident about your academic performance in high school, this article is designed to help you. It goes deeper than studying. You need a holistic strategy and a plan that will help you regain your focus and enable you to excel in school.


Follow these tips to get better high school grades:

1. Motivate yourself

If you are not satisfied with your grades, do not get down on yourself - try self-motivation instead. Believe in yourself and encourage yourself to stay focused on your work. Pick a goal or series of goals, and use that as your motivation.

2. Listen and participate in class

It may be hard, especially if you have a shy personality, but participation will show your teacher that you do really care about their subject and want better grades. Teachers typically base the grades on various factors, and participation is one of them.

If you are shy, for more confidence you can write down the questions before the class and then ask them. Another trick is to have a seat closer to the teacher, so they can get to know you even more.

3. Take thorough notes during a class

This will ensure that you do not miss any important information. Note taking is an important skill that can translate to better grades in college as well.

4. Do not hesitate to ask for help

If you are experiencing problems with certain subjects, you can always ask your teacher or peers for help after the class. Another option is to ask your parents if they can afford a private tutor for you.

5. Stay focused during your homework

Find a quiet working place to handle your homework in a distraction-free environment. Put your phone aside or at least mute all notification sounds so you are not distracted. You can also use apps that lock a phone for a certain time period.

6. Take a 15-minute break after each 45 minutes of studying

Walk around your house. get some fresh air, think of how to get better grades, or get a snack to fuel your brain. You can also reward yourself for each 45 minutes of productive work by doing something that you enjoy. Besides, breaking up the monotony of studying will help you focus.

7. Consider studying together with your fellow students

Sometimes, group studying can help the members of the group motivate each other and be more productive. If such style of studying suits you, then you can organize such groups or become a member of a group that already exists. You can get together for studying after classes or on weekends.

get better grades in high school

8. Keep your working space organized

Use one notebook per class and do not let your desk become cluttered with papers and stationery. Try to clean up your desk regularly. This helps tremendously with limiting distractions.

9. Use a planner to organize your time

It can be either a paper planner or a mobile app. However, we recommend that you use a paper agenda book so that your phone does not distract you. Write down all important due dates, dates of tests, and extracurricular activities.

10. Develop a study schedule

If you are preparing for a test or writing a research paper, it would be wise to break down your work into small chunks and allot work to a specific time periods. To avoid stress, do not procrastinate and wait until the last night before the test.

11. Take care of your health

Make sure that your meals are nutritious, balanced, and varied, because your brain needs fuel in order to be productive. Never miss breakfast before school.

12. Sleep well

Establishing a regular sleep schedule is crucial when it comes to studying and learning how to get good grades in high school. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same times and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

13. Stay fit

Exercise everyday, join a sports team at school, or participate in sports-related extracurricular activities outside of school.

Alternative Options for Getting Better Grades in High School

One more option to improve your grades in high school is to go to a summer camp specializing in various academic programs that are aimed at preparation for tests and college. In addition to better grades, you will be gaining experience for your college resume. College admission officers place great emphasis on extracurricular activities.

JKCP offers the Summer Enrichment Programs for high school students. This program allows the students to create their perfect summer schedule by picking one morning course and one afternoon course from over 30 classes across a range of disciplines.

You are free to choose any class you like – for example, one class on a subject that interests you and another class on a subject in which you want to get better grades.

Here are some JKCP enrichment classes aimed at getting better grades or improving college admission:

  • ACT Prep Course - This is a training for the ACT exam. You will start by taking practice tests covering each section of the assessment. From there, the instructors identify and focus on areas that need improvement. Small class sizes ensure that you receive tailored instruction and customized test taking strategies. The course has already helped countless students learn how to study for the ACT.
  • SAT Prep Course - This is a training for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam. In this course, the tutors will teach you ways to “hack” the exam with proven methods for comprehending and completing each section. They will use individual and team scenarios that let you try out each approach and figure out what works best for you. You will take practice tests within each section of the assessment, analyze the results and focus on specific areas where you need to improve your score. Small class sizes ensure tailored instruction, customized strategies and a supportive, flexible environment.
  • HS Math Prep Course - If you are having trouble with math grades, this course is exactly what you need. You will get a solid grasp on algebra, trigonometry, calculus, or another math topic of your choice. Our instructors are math experts who are prepared to help you improve where you need it most. Break free from the traditional classroom environment by working in small groups and one-on-one settings primed for plenty of flexibility and personalized attention. The course is a perfect opportunity to get a leg-up on a math specialty while refining your larger problem-solving skills in the process.

Feel free to check out our website or contact us to get more information about our courses and programs. Good luck with your studies!

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