How To Build A Strong LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Natalie Martin on Dec 19, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Let’s start off by debunking some LinkedIn myths…


Myth: Linkedin Profiles are only for people in business.

Fact: Any professional in any industry can utilize LinkedIn profiles. This social platform is excellent for networking and meeting other professionals.

Myth: You shouldn’t have a LinkedIn until you’re in the work force.

Fact: You can make a LinkedIn profile at any age – even in high school. You can continue to improve and build your profile throughout college and network with others.

So, why haven’t you made your account the strongest it can be? Having a professional account can truly improve your career opportunities.

  1. Select a strong profile picture

Remember: Keep you picture professional, not personal. “Not personal” means do not have the family pet, a parent, spouse, or friend in the picture. The profile picture should be a headshot of just you in professional attire. It should go without saying that not a lot of skin is shown.

  1. Have a headline that stands out

LinkedIn automatically creates a “headline” for each account, which includes your name and occupation. If you are currently a student, please do not have your headline just list “student.” List a part-time job or position you may hold in an organization. Just listing yourself as a student is boring and doesn’t make you stand out. 

  1. Fill out as much of the profile as possible

This should go without saying, but seriously, fill it out! LinkedIn does a great job of navigating you through the set up process. It even rates your profile on different levels of completion. List all skills, volunteer work, jobs, education and more. All of these fields are very important to a employer and are sometimes things that can’t fit onto your resume.

  1. Update regularly

This motto goes hand in hand with your resume as well. Constantly updating your LinkedIn profile with new material shows you’re engaged with the platform as well as taking on new opportunities. Make sure to remove any old experiences that no longer reflect your path in life.

  1. Share and post industry-relevant content

Not only is this a chance to highlight your personal work and achievements, but this also shows recruiters that you’re focused and knowledgeable about your industry.

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