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As the weather heats up and the school year dwindles down, students are more than eager to exchange their book bags for a beach towel. However, it is no secret that “summer learning loss” is also right around the corner. Gary Huggins, Chief Executive of the NatiHow_To_Beat_the_Summer_Brain_Drain.jpgonal Summer Learning Association, says studies show that kids lose as much as two to three months of math and reading skills over the summer. Yikes, so now what? Do we just sit back and watch our students lose critical skills? Heck no! Here are some tips on how to beat the infamous summer brain drain and keep your student sharp! 

  1. Download Educational and Fun Apps

Why yes I did include “educational” AND “fun” in the same sentence. Let’s face it; kids are beyond obsessed with technology and their smartphone. A great way to encourage students to stay sharp during the summer months is to download educational apps. “Words with Friends” is a stellar app that challenges peers and increases vocabulary and spelling. Another app, Lumosity, trains your brain and gives you daily “brain workouts” to complete in an entertaining and challenging way. Check out the “education” tab on iTunes for a listing for more educational apps!

  1. Get a Library Card

Sign up for a local library card. We know this is old school but, bringing students to the library opens them up to a wide variety of books and publications they may not have access to at school. Students can choose from many different books without having to pay for them (as long as the book is returned on time). Bonus for parents, cards are usually free!

  1. Visit a museum

Luckily, Philadelphia is chock-full of interesting and educational museums. Make a day trip out of it with the family. Even create a checklist with the museums the family wants to see and count how many you visit by the end of the summer. Check out VisitPhilly for a great listing on all the museums.

  1. Plan a Getaway

Try involving the entire family when planning a summer trip. Students can help research hotels, create a budget, and improve time management skills. Reinforcing math and problem solving skills will help beat the summer learning loss. Planning a trip is also a great way to spend quality family time together.

  1. Enroll Your Student at JKCP

Not only will students have a blast meeting friends from all over the world, but students also have the option of picking which classes they WANT to take. JKCP offers a wide range of courses from robotics all the way to entrepreneurship. Each class has the perfect balance of education, fun and exciting hands-on activities. Our teachers are top-notch and truly know how to deliver information in a sensational way. Enroll today. Definitely no summer brain drain here!

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