How Summer Learning Programs and the ‘Pre-Professionals’ Title Gives High Schoolers the Upper Hand

Posted by Steve Robertson on May 24, 2017 12:00:00 PM

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The high school years are a time for discovering oneself — learning strengths and weaknesses, identifying dreams and goals for the future, developing key communication and real-world skills, and mapping out plans for college or a career after graduation.

Many high schoolers never receive the guidance, training, or opportunities necessary to adequately prepare them for post-graduation life. They leave high school unsure of what they’re good at, what they want to do, or even how to achieve the future they envisioned. As a result, many students — even those who had been at the top of their class — flounder, unable to declare majors, attain degrees, or secure the careers they desired.

As educators, we are in the position to close this gap. And we can start with giving high schoolers a new title: pre-professionals. At Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, this is how we refer to high school students. We believe the term “pre-professional” more accurately reflects the balance of education, experience, and attitude that is necessary to succeed in the world today. It is our hope that transforming high schoolers into pre-professionals will help students, parents, and educators recognize the unique opportunity this age group has to learn and perfect a plethora of pivotal skills before they begin the next chapter in life.

An Evolved Title for an Evolving World

High schoolers today are faced with a unique predicament: The business world awaiting them has become increasingly competitive, now requiring a lot more than a degree to get ahead. Modern-day employers expect even novice applicants to have firsthand experience in their fields and possess refined interpersonal skills — especially when it comes to communication, teamwork, and innovation.

More often than not, students crave these life skills, but they may not be finding them in classroom lessons. And without solid foundations in high school, students can get less out of their college years, drifting aimlessly through courses and programs instead of declaring paths and acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Using Summer Programs to Gain Experience

One way to help pre-professionals gain these essential life skills, is to utlize the summer months.  We aren't just talking about a summer camp to meet friends and hang out; summer pre-college learning programs are a great way for students to try out different careers, do an internship, or maybe even earn some college credit.  JKCP CEO, Steve Robertson, also points out, "Through these programs, students can also acquire practical skills like networking, communication skills, public speaking, drafting résumés, navigating job markets, perfecting interviewing skills, and managing personal brands." (Read More from the original article here)

JKCP offers several summer programs for high schoolers, all located on college campuses around Philadelphia.  Check out our Internships, Business School, Coding Academy,Cooking School, Enrichment Programs and More!

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