How Architecture is Changing

Posted by Caleb M. on Mar 18, 2014 9:41:00 AM


Over the past five years, professionals in the architectural industry have seen interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated practice become more popular which has changed the landscape in architectural education recently. 


Architecture firms will be looking past their normal priorities when hiring new employees or interns. Firms have always looked for excellence in design when looking through applicants, but according to a survey done by ArchDaily, firms are expanding to focus on sustainability, interdisciplinary design along with technological change. While the highest percentage of focus by firms is still towards design quality, integrated design, climate change or sustainability and technology changes fall close behind.

58% of firms believed to have benefitted from their new hires’ implemented ideas about sustainability, which are turning the focus of concerns to sustainability and climate change.


Many involved in the architectural industry are seeing changes to the current state of American Landscape Architecture. While most seem satisfied with the education of landscape architecture, about 30% reported that graduating students lacked thorough understanding on biology, biodiversity and environmental changes as it relates to architecture.


There are options out there for students planning to study a specialty in architecture. You can focus on design, research and theory, computer applications, and sustainable design. All of these skills have been deemed strong as the core of the industry evolves.


How can students stay competitive in this changing market? Having a great attitude, impressive portfolio and a thorough understanding of sustainability’s role in architecture can gear you up to be best prepared in the evolving architecture field. Conveying this in your work whether it’s in class related projects, internships or case studies will help you bring value to a firm.


School and experience is how you can make yourself standout against your peers. Depending on your focus in a career in architecture, you’ll have your degree, portfolio and your internship experience.

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