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Posted by JKCP on Feb 27, 2017 1:21:04 PM

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Summer is just around the corner! We officially begin the three-month countdown to summer now. This month, as usual, I am here to guide you through this step in the process. By now, it is safe to assume that you have decided on the right summer program, registered for that program or submitted an application and have started to put the details in order to prepare your son or daughter for the summer. However, if you haven’t yet accomplished those things, be sure to read the links provided here and catch up fast! At this point, programs are surely filling up and deadlines are passing.


For those who have followed along with our “guide to summer” series (or those who are registered for a summer program), March is truly the calm before the storm. This is a great month to get ahead and schedule doctors’ appointments as well as book travel plans, because once the warm weather rolls around, appointments fill and travel prices go up significantly.

  • Flight Deals: Speaking of travel, we are entering the “sweet spot” of booking domestic airfare for our dates. According to a report issued by Expedia, domestic ticket prices are lowest between 50-100 days before your trip, with the lowest prices, on average, appearing on day 57, specifically. International flights have passed their “lowest price” stage already, so we recommend booking those as soon as possible. As for the day of the week to maximize on savings, Tuesday is the day, showing an average of $28 in savings. Why is that? Monday night is when most airlines release their weekly deals and Tuesday is the day that most airlines scramble to run comparable specials. If you are going to get a deal, you are going to find it on Tuesday.
  • Decisions, Decisions:After applying for a selective summer program, it is possible that March is the month you will receive an admissions decision. Once you do, and assuming you accept your invitation, this is when the excitement begins.
  • Social Media:The best thing about participating in a summer program is that the experience begins immediately, even if summer is months away! Begin connecting on social media! There’s a great chance that your summer program has social media platforms. Make sure to follow them to stay up to date with fun and important information.

Browse through our summer guide blogs and do research, get signed up and make solid plans for this summer. If you happen to know someone who would also enjoy the summer camp experience, recommend them. Both you and your friend will likely benefit from some sort of refer-a-friend discount.

So, to recap, secure a doctor’s appointments, book flights, connect on social media and recommend friends! These are the easy tasks that can turn March from a waiting month to a month of getting ahead! Remember, if you think warm thoughts, summer will come faster!

How do you plan your child's summer? 

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