Getting Ready For The Golf Season

Posted by Natalie Martin on Jan 10, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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We are officially less than 90 days away from spring! Put those holiday cookies DOWN! Use this time wisely to get into the best shape, so when you do hit the green, you’re more than ready to take on any opponent.

  1. Exercise at the gym

If you’re keeping up with your New Year resolution – props to you. If not, get into the gym. Building your strength and endurance are critical to the game of golf. Doesn’t matter how many workouts you get in a week, as long as you’re going and making an effort, you should see a change in your golf game.

  1. Indoor driving range

I get it. Hitting a ball into an oversized screen does not give you the same feeling as the sun and breeze hitting your face. But to stay on top of your game and be competitive, an indoor simulator is the perfect temporary fix for you.

  1. Practice wherever, whenever

No excuses! You can practice your putt at any time. A synthetic mat with a hole is ideal for trying to recreate putting on a real green. However, if you don’t have the money or space for a synthetic green, a coffee mug on a carpet will do the trick.

  1. Core training

Most golf experts will tell you that building core stability and strength will benefit your game. When building a workout routine, think of golf movements that you wish to improve on, and have that translate into weight lifting movements. For example, weighted medicine ball side throws will engage the core while acting as a swinging motion similar to your clubs.

  1. Get new gear

Nothing is more exciting that something new! Buy yourself that golf shirt you’ve been eyeing or a new club. Getting excited about a new toy will further motivate you to train during the off-season.

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