Gen Z - Everything You Need to Know and Why

Posted by Steve Robertson on Sep 15, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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Listen to Steve Robertson, CEO at JKCP, as a guest on the podcast Gen Z - Everything You Need to Know and Why, hosted by Don Hutcheson. Steve discusses the innovative, thoughtful, collaborative and motivated generation that is Gen Z. Listen Here or read below for a snippet of the interview. 

Every day Don interviews someone who has discovered his or her true talents and abilities and figured out how to use them doing work she loves. The podcast series is designed for people of every age and background who are looking to build a life and career that uses the best of who they are to enjoy a life of success, satisfaction and freedom.

Everything You Need to Know About Gen Zs and Why

Although not all sources agree on the exact years that make up Gen Z, Steve includes all those born between 1996 to 2010 in this generation. He is a fan of the Gen Zs because they are innovative, thoughtful, collaborative and motivated. “So what’s not to love about them?” he says. “It doesn’t matter where you are in terms of business or parenting. It is imperative that you understand this is the first generation that has been influenced more by their peers around the world than by their parents, and that’s a significant statement.”

Why Is This Important?

Generation Z is already impacting every facet of life: the workplace, how businesses present and sell products, and even what products businesses present and sell. “We are just starting to get a sense of what the workplace is going to look like and what companies and their products need to look and feel like. For example, I read a statistic that 90% expected to spend less than three years in a position.” The general trend for them in terms of thinking about work life is that they want balance in their lives and to pursue things that aren’t necessarily material or financial, even more than the Millennials. They are more likely to pursue fitness, health and the environment, for example. In Steve’s opinion, “It is probably going be the greatest generation we’ve seen.”

What is the Key Lesson Learned?

Listen to the full interview or read the full summary at

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